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dtac holds National Investor Conference 2016 “Win Together”

March 2, 2016 – Mr.Lars Norling, Chief Executive Officer of Total Access Communicaton PLC or dtac, along with the executives, has announced that dtac will hold National Investor Conference 2016. A conference is hold for all dtac retailers around the country to underline customer confidence as dtac aims to become the number one with strong distribution network, including plans to enhance the operating system to help partners have sustainable growth. This will enhance dtac’s capability to deliver customers new innovations of products and services.
Mr.Lars Norling said “dtac has a 2016 plan to manage dtac centers by emphasizing on the importance of effective business partners resulting in ‘Win Together’. This year, dtac will focus on the significance of: 1) Sale & Service Performance – excellent and proactive sale & service that offer new digital innovations to customers; 2) Refining the performance of retailer administration to achieve world-class standard; and 3) Brand Representative – the development of sale and service channels of dtac to be professional.”
dtac also reiterates plans to invest 70,000 million Baht within three years to give partners confidence on dtac’s business plan. The investment plans are focus on network infrastructure and marketing campaigns. In order to meet customers’ need and the rising growth of data service consumption, network expansion of Super 4G service with 4x speed up on 1800 MHz spectrum with 20 MHz bandwidth will be ready by the middle of this year.
At the time, the special campaigns will be launched to reinforce partners’ confidence under a brand Super 4G. Special offers and super packages, the best deals in the market, for calling plans and mobile phone prices are expected for customers to take full advantage of such campaigns of Super Sale, Super Love & Roll Non Stop, Super Topping, and Super Device. dtac has vowed to be the mobile service provider who offers the best deals in the market to always keep customers satisfaction.