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“Be Marvelous with BLUE MEMBER x Millennium Auto”

Extravagant Experience for BLUE MEMBER Customers by dtac Together with Millennium Auto & Hua Hin Marriott Resort & Spa in “Be Marvelous with BLUE MEMBER x Millennium Auto”

     Mr. Sigvart Voss Eriksen (4th from right), Executive Vice President – Head of Marketing Group,Total Access Communication PLC or dtac, Prisana Ratanasuwanasri (5th from right), Senior Vice President, Postpaid Division, Paramee Thongcharoen (5th from left), Senior Vice President, Brand Communication, Penpa-Nga Suddhimondala (6th from right), Vice President – Head of Loyalty, dtac, in collaboration with Piyathep Siwakas (4th from left) Deputy Managing Director, Sarun Uttavethvoravut (3rd from left) Sales Director, Millennium Auto Co., Ltd., and Mr. Goetz Bauer (3rd from left), General Manager, Hua Hin Marriott Resort & Spa. Spotted at the event were famous Thai celebrities – Onchuma “Fay” Durongdej (2nd from left), Chutima “Kaimook” Durongdej (2nd from right), Niti “Bas” Sawangwattanapaibul (1st from left), and Adisai “Or” Kunjara Na Ayudhya (1st from right).

March 22,2016 - Total Access Communication PLC or dtac in collaboration with Millennium Auto and Hua Hin Marriott Resort and Spa recently host the exclusive “Be Marvelous with BLUE MEMBER x Millennium Auto” event at Hua Hin Marriott Resort & Spa to express sincerest gratitude and to strengthen fruitful bond with the premium customers. The exclusive 2-day trip worth over 2,000,000 baht was held on Saturday 19th – Sunday 20th March 2016 for the selected 90 BLUE MEMBER customers to receive the most thrilling and exclusive test –driving experience with 3 BMW series: Series 1, Series 2 and Series 3. The trip started from Millennium Auto showroom in Bangkok, accompanied by BMW’s well-trained driving instructors and car experts to provide professional driving guidance and ensure safety journey before arriving at the recently opened Hua Hin Marriott Resort & Spa. The beachfront resort boasts breath-taking view of the sea and offers 322 rooms combining modern design with Thai Colonial touches. Activities and entertainment were provided throughout the stay such as exclusive workshop for BLUE MEMBER, chill-out party by the beach and a mini private concert.  Spotted at the event were famous Thai celebrities - Onchuma “Fay” Durongdej, Chutima “Kaimook” Durongdej, Niti “Bas” Sawangwattanapaibul, and Adisai “Or” Kunjara Na Ayudhya.  
Customers gather in front of Millennium Auto excitedly before beginning BE MARVELOUS trip

Prisana Ratanasuwanasri, Senior Vice President, Postpaid Division, Total Access Communication PLC or dtac said “dtac is committed to providing the best experiences to our BLUE MEMBER customers by continuously fostering and exceeding their expectations through special privileges, in collaboration with dtac’s partners. The highlight of this event was BLUE ACCESS privileges, offering the most exclusive BMW test drive on the latest BMW Series and luxurious leisure stay at

Customer ready to head to Hua-hin on this BMW  test drive.

Hua Hin Marriott Resort & Spa. All BLUE MEMBER customers also receive 24-hour care from BLUE CARE’s Life Care plan (accident insurance) with one million baht coverage in case of loss of life due to accident anywhere in the world and Roadside Assistance in case of emergency on the road with 24-hour technician service. This includes preliminary on-site technical emergency assistance, trailer service, coordination service, emergency car key, emergency gas refill, technical consultancy, on-going assistance service, and medical emergency aid.”

BMW caravan while driving to Marriott

Piyathep Siwakas, Deputy Managing Director of Sales & Marketing, Millennium Auto Co., Ltd., said “The purpose of Millennium Auto in co-hosting this activity is to create extraordinary driving experience. Unlike test-driving in showroom , this Bangkok – Hua Hin test-driving, under guidance by our well-trained experts, helps customers to get up close and personal like never before with BMW cars as if they are driving the cars in real life. Three BMW series are brought here today – Series 1, 2 and 3 – especially Series 2 which has caught attention the most as it is one of the latest highlights and BMW’s first MPV for luxury lifestyle.”  

Customers happily painted Batik

Mr. Goetz Bauer, General Manager, Hua Hin Marriott Resort & Spa added “We are delighted to open our doors and to create an exclusive experience for dtac BLUE MEMBER customers.  Inspired by the “Marriott Modern” design philosophy, the hotel provides sweeping views of the sea and direct access to 5 salt water system swimming pools. Other facilities include an adults-only swimming pool, water slides, spa, 24-hour fitness center, spacious Kid’s Club and tree house are also available to ensure a splendid time for everyone in the family.
Sharing with us on the customers perspective is Khun.Pong Worapob Budprasert and khun.Pat Thanaporn Budprasert, a dtac die-hard fan for 20 years told us that “ I’m doing business on oil logistics both domestic and abroad so I need to travel and contact many customers so whenever I need to travel abroad I would use dtac roaming everywhere I go. I’m so delighted to join this trip, I’m so impressed and also a BMW car owner as well therefore when dtac contact me to join this trip, it was a joy and the call center was very service minded too, overall this trip was very impressive to me.

Another happy best friend customers who have join this trip is Khun. Pornnabha PhuttaKotirat and Khun. Orawan Athisivakul shared happily stating “ oh, I’ve been using dtac for over 20 years and this trip was delightful and I’m also driving BMW. So it was perfect, the trip, the food and the hotel was all splendid and it was done professionally and other customers was very friendly too.”
Customers and dtac management team showcase their freshly painted batik

For more information, please contact dtac BLUE MEMBER personal service at *1806. Stay tuned for upcoming activity updates at www.dtac.co.th/dtacreward and dtac reward Line official account.