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Suzuki enjoy sales growth and welcomes new management and brand ambassador

  • Suzuki’s automobile market share grew from 2.29% to 2.66% while the total Thai automobile market suffered a decline of 9.06%.
  • Challenging target of 24,000 units set for 2016 with market share expected to reach 3%.
  • Suzuki has signed up Kiatisak Senamuang as the brand amnassador for the second consecutive year, and will fully support sporting activities.
Bangkok, Thailand – Suzuki Motor (Thailand) recently staged a press conference to introduce its new President Mr. Yoji Murosaka, while Sales and Marketing Director Mr. Wallop Treererkngarm announced the company’s 2015 operating results and plans for 2016.
The event, which was held at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Bangkok on February 3, also saw the introduction of the 2016 Suzuki brand ambassador.
Mr. Yoji Murosaka joined Suzuki in 1989 in the Overseas Markets division, starting off working with the United States market followed by Europe. Apart from auto sales, Mr. Murosaka was also the Manager of Suzuki’s plant construction project in Hungary from 2002-2007 and in Russia from 2007-2009. With his expertise in corporate planning, he was also later appointed as Suzuki’s General Manager for the Asian market. Mr. Murosaka was responsible for new product investment planning in the region, including production and export between plants in India and the ASEAN region.
In June 2014, Mr. Murosaka was appointed as Director of Suzuki Motor (Thailand) Co. Ltd., the same year that Suzuki introduced the Celerio and commenced exports to ASEAN and European markets.
Mr. Murosaka also played an important role in expanding and strengthening the Suzuki dealership network. During a time of economic difficulty, Suzuki dealers showed strong determination and were able to beat the tough times with increased sales during the past year.
Mr. Murosaka said that as the President of Suzuki Motor (Thailand) Co. Ltd., his duty is to overcome any obstacle between Suzuki and its customers. This includes the following:
1.    Developing products with greater value for the customer.
2.    Creating change and innovation within the organization through teamwork.
3.    Make use of each individual’s outstanding qualities on a continuous basis.
Mr. Murosaka added that Suzuki sales in the Thai automobile market in 2015 reached 21,285 units, posing a growth of 5.5%. This has enabled the brand to increase its market share to 2.66% within a slowing economy.
“We introduced the Suzuki Swift and Suzuki Celerio that created much excitement in the Eco Car market and helped make Suzuki a highly popular brand in Thailand, and this led to Suzuki quickly becoming the leader in the compact car market. During the third quarter of 2015, we introduced the Ciaz sedan that also qualifies for Eco Car privileges, and offers extremely high value-for-money and fuel efficiency. The Ciaz beats other sedans in the market with its elegant design and spacious interior, plus excellent performance, fuel economy and eco-friendliness. At the 32nd Motor Expo, we also introduced the Ciaz RS that comes with all-round aero parts that lifts its image as a sporty eco car for the new generation. With the Ciaz, customers are able to access a car with high standards in terms of safety and fuel efficiency, as well as attractive design and suitable pricing. These are the values that Suzuki has been holding on to in developing products for our customers. Suzuki offers not only automobiles to customers in Thailand but also various services and we concentrate on customer satisfaction as we want to become a good friend for Thai customers.”
Mr. Wallop, Suzuki Motor (Thailand)’s sales and marketing director, said, “In 2015 Suzuki sales reached 21,285 units, up 5.5% compared to the previous year and equivalent to a 2.66% market share (up from 2.29% in 2014). This is considered as another success for Suzuki in Thailand, and this year, there may still be some concerns for effects from the economic slowdown, and the automobile market is expected to finish the year at the same level as 2015. But Suzuki sees a positive sign and we expect the auto market to gradually recover thanks to positive factors such as increased government spending that will help generate cash circulation, as well as the lower fuel prices. Suzuki continues to strengthen its business and raise the capabilities of its staff to global levels. Suzuki also concentrates on product quality and service excellence, in order to maintain high levels of customer awareness for the Suzuki brand.”
In terms of marketing activities this year, Suzuki will continue to support and promote sports with our sports marketing strategy, particularly in football. In 2016, Suzuki will delight the fans once again by being the main sponsor of the AFF Suzuki Cup, and also introduce the brand ambassador who will help customers connect with the Suzuki brand. Kiatisak Senamuang is the famous Thailand national football team head coach who led the Thai team to win the AFF Suzuki Cup for the fourth time in 2014. Kiatisak is taking up the position as Suzuki brand ambassador for the second consecutive year.
“Khun Zico (Kiatisak) has the perfect character to become the brand ambassador for Suzuki as he is the inspiration for the Thai people all over the country. He also has the understanding and determination to take the team to victory – just like Suzuki that stresses on offering quality products and services. We want to provide customers with motoring happiness like our “Way of Life” slogan suggests. The past year Zico’s presence was able to help connect the Suzuki Ciaz with target customers more effectively and this year he will continue to participate in our brand’s activities too,”   he said.

Mr. Wallop added that Suzuki still follows its original production plans for the domestic and export markets.
“In 2015 we produced a total of 60,357 vehicles, with 39,072 units being for exports and 21,285 units for the domestic market. The Thai-made Celerio is exported to European markets with a volume of 37,914 units last year,” he said.
In terms of after sales service, Suzuki plans to strengthen customer confidence and provide improved service through the 3S philosophy consisting of Sales, Service and Spare Parts.
“This is achieved by introducing products with high quality along with offering impressive service quality and spare parts. We also strive to improve after-sales quality with 24-hour parts delivery service, and Suzuki has been investing much in training mechanics and staff at dealerships to raise the service quality for customers,” he said.
“Suzuki presently has 99 dealerships in Thailand and plans to raise the number to 110 dealers by the end of 2016, to ensure a smooth transition into the Asean Economic Community and allow customers to receive the best products and services from Suzuki,” Mr. Wallop concluded.