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SHOW DC teams up with ‘YG FOODS’, Korea’s leading food and entertainment brand, to open ‘YG Republique’, the fully integrated K-Pop food and entertainment space

  • YG FOODS invests Bht 550 million to create ‘YG Republique’ on the rooftop deck of SHOW DC under the ‘Dine-Drink-Dance’ concept.  The quality of the experience is guaranteed by YG FOODS, part of the YG Entertainment Group, Korea’s No.1 entertainment outfit          
  • Ms. Noh, CEO of YG FOODS, Korea’s famous food and lifestyle celebrity will fly in from Seoul to introduce ‘YG Republique’ to the Thai media    

     (Middle) Mr. Chayaditt Hutanuwatra, Chairman of SHOW DC Corp Ltd., (Right) Ms. Noh Hee Young, Chief Executive Officer of YG FOODS and (Left) Ms. Praparwarn Waeladeevong, Vice Chairperson of SHOW DC Corp Ltd. in YG Republique Press Conference
Bangkok (18 February 2016) – First in Asia - SHOW DC, Thailand’s premier retail and entertainment mega-complex, owned by Mr. Chayaditt Hutanuwatra, Chairman of SHOW DC Corp Ltd., and located in the prime Rama IX area, announced a partnership with YG FOODS (a company in the YG Entertainment Group, the No.1 entertainment outfit in Korea), represented by Ms. Noh Hee Young (Ms. Noh), Chief Executive Officer, today.  The ‘YG Republique’ Entertainment Park will be opened under this partnership as the first fully integrated K-Pop food and entertainment space outside Korea. ‘YG Republique’ will be established on the deck of Show DC, an area of 3 rai (5,000 square metres), under the ‘Dine-Drink-Dance’ concept.  The project’s investment is Bht 550 million.  ‘YG Republique’ Entertainment Park aims to attract 2,000 visitors a day (while SHOW DC aims to attract 100,000 visitors a day, half Thai shoppers, the other half foreign visitors).  The opening at SHOW DC is scheduled for the third quarter of this year.
Mr. Chayaditt Hutanuwatra, Chairman of SHOW DC Corp Ltd., said, “Under its novel ‘Shop and Enjoy’ concept, SHOW DC aims to be a real lifestyle hub in Thailand and Asia.  Today, we are pleased to announce a partnership with our tenant, food and entertainment giant ‘YG FOODS’, a company in the YG Entertainment Group, and the No. 1 entertainment powerhouse in South Korea.  We will establish ‘YG Republique’ as a fully integrated food and entertainment complex, something never seen in Thailand, on an area of 3 rai or 5,000 square metres, on the 6th floor deck of SHOW DC.  The venue will fall under the ‘Dine-Drink-Dance’ concept, offering the dining and lifestyle experience of a lifetime.”                            

“YG Republique will be supervised by Ms. Noh Hee Young, the finest lady master chef, a celebrity and food and lifestyle guru who is as well known in South Korea as she is recognised internationally.  Ms. Noh Hee Young will look after every area of     ‘YG Republique’, from supervising the taste of the fine dishes served, to all lifestyle and entertainment aspects of the venue which caters to Thais seeking novel trends,” said Mr. Chayaditt.
The press conference to introduce ‘YG Republique’ – the first fully integrated K-Pop food and entertainment complex in Asia – which is scheduled to open in the third quarter of 2016 at SHOW DC, was held at Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel.  The event was attended by Mr. Chayaditt Hutanuwatra, Chairman of SHOW DC Corp Ltd., along with Ms. Noh Hee Young (Ms. Noh), Chief Executive Officer of YG FOODS, who shared details of the project.  ‘Joke So Cool’ (Kornpop Chancharoen), a well known Thai singer and actor, a dedicated fan of YG artists, was on hand to led his support to the event.
Ms. Noh Hee Young (Ms. Noh) Chief Executive Officer of YG FOODS, said, “We are confident of the potential SHOW DC and Thailand hold and are optimistic about the great response Thai people show to K-Pop and other areas aspects of Korean cultural heritage such as food, music, films, TV series and fashion.  That’s why we chose to rent the space for ‘YG Republique’ at SHOW DC Bangkok with an investment of Bht 550 million.  We believe in the unique proposition of Show DC, who are pioneering the trendy concept of ‘Shop & Enjoy’, which focuses 60% on entertainment and 40% on shopping – with a full range of products on offer alongside a wide range of entertainment in one location.  Moreover, Thailand is a tourist magnet and an unmissable destination for international travelers.  I am proud to play a part in making this ultimate entertainment phenomenon a reality and to introduce Thailand and the world to Korean culture.  My team at YG and I promise to do everything in our power to ensure that every detail, every aspect of ‘YG Republique’ is of the highest quality.”

‘YG Republique’ by YG FOODS, the food arm of YG Entertainment, will compliment a wide range of entertainment experiences, including street bars, K-Pop clubs and several Korean restaurants.  All of these will be brought to life at SHOW DC, first venue for ‘YG Republique’ outside Korea.  In South Korea first ‘YG Republique’ outlet was open ant the second outlet will also open shortly.

“The popularity of Korean culture in Thailand over the past ten years has been phenomenal.  We have seen unprecedented K-Pop fever both here and in several other Asian countries.  Even the United States welcomed South Korea’s policy to use the entertainment and technology industry as a driver for economic growth.  The major business concept of SHOW DC is to attract tourists, business people and investors.  ‘YG Republique’ is the first manifestation of this concept.  It is the ultimate authentic Korean experience.  The partnership between quality teams from both countries also reflects the confidence in the growth potential of Thailand’s business sector in the eyes of international investors.  The flow of foreign funds into the country will greatly contribute to the Thai economy and employment.  It is in line with the Thai government’s vision to build confidence in the economy and investment,” Khun Chayadit said, adding that  “YG Republique on the rooftop of SHOW DC will enable us to offer a full-on Korean style entertainment experience for the very first time in Thailand.  At Show DC we will create a new tourism, lifestyle, leisure, art and cultural experience by combining the wonders and highlights of Thailand and Asia in the one place for Thai people and foreign visitors wishing to relax, eat and enjoy.”

Show DC is being built with a partnership of professional teams from Thailand and around the world. It offers the following major highlights:

The rooftop (6th floor) called Entertainment Park Zone includes:  
  1. YG Republique, an authentic K-Pop food and entertainment space created and managed by YG FOODS, part of the YG Entertainment Group, No.1 entertainment powerhouse of Korea.
  2. Live show ‘Ong Bak’, with a license from ‘Saha MongKol Film’ at Sports Arena,     a large venue for world-class sports competitions with a seating capacity of 1,500.
  3. Performance Hall with a capacity to seat 5,000 people, offering an advanced light & sound experience in a perfect marriage of art & science.
The 5th floor consists of:
  1. ‘Himmapan Avatar’ spectacular light and sound walk-through phenomenon bringing to life through immersive 4D experiences using the most advanced light, sound and holographic technologies. The experience is created by CMO, Thailand’s leading organizer in partnership with SHOW DC.
  2. Asian Food Street
offering delicious eateries from several Asian countries.
The 4th floorThai Market
bringing together Thai entrepreneurs to promote and popularize Thai products to international visitors and local buyers.
The 2nd and 3rd floor ‘LOTTE’           
          Korea’s leading department store chain offering Korean and global brands.
The 1st floor consists of:
  1. K-Town, the largest of its kind in the world outside Korea
a retail space much like Korea’s famous shopping districts where visitors can shop for a huge variety of products – Korean fashion, beauty and food.
  1. VIP Traveller Lounge                                                                                                         offering facilities for international visitors to spend time on their final day of their trip following their hotel check-out.  Guests will enjoy a complete range of exclusive services, including goods storage & delivery, complimentary shuttle transport to Bangkok’s airports, food & beverage, a shower room, baggage storage, free Wi-Fi and communication services as well as direct access to the tourist police.

“Show DC is more than a shopping mall or a tourist attraction.  The complex is destined to become a new Thai and ASEAN landmark as well as a gateway to Asia to welcome Thais and international visitors to enjoy what is unique about Thailand and Asia.  It will be a treat to the eye and the heart to shop and enjoy as you won’t find what’s on offer anywhere else,” Mr. Chayaditt added.

Located on Chaturathit Road, SHOW DC is easily accessible by multiple road and rail transport systems close to Makkasan station of the Airport Rail Link, the MRT’s Phetchaburi and Rama IX stations.  The venue is also close to the Si Rat Expressway’s Rama IX exit and the Asoke 1 entrance.
YG Republique’, the fully integrated K-Pop food and entertainment space

SHOW DC is set to create a new landmark in the very heart of Bangkok when ‘YG Republique’ opens in the third quarter of 2016.  With an investment of Bht 9,500 million, SHOW DC offers    a novel ‘Shop & Enjoy’ concept – the first in Thailand to combine spectacular entertainment with retail shops and restaurants, including the largest K-Town in the world, all in the same location.  SHOW DC is located near Rama IX Road on a 27 rai plot of land with a floor area of 150,000 square metres.

“SHOW DC comes feel Asia.”