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nForce Secure Outlines Its Business Plans for 2016, Introducing New Products for SMBs

nForce Secure announces its business direction for 2016, focusing on partnership. Planning to launch new products, the company aims to expand its customer base in SMB segment and grow its revenue by 10-15%.
Bangkok, February 16, 2016 – Mr. Nakrop Niamnamtham, Managing Director, nForce Secure Co., Ltd. (Thailand’s leading distributor of security solution), revealed "In 2015, our business was very successful with a higher-than-expected growth rate of 20%, compared with 2014. This success derived from two main factors. Firstly, increased public spending in the third and fourth quarters led to economic drive and investments in private sector such as Digital Economy project. Secondly, we have developed highly-skilled professionals for assigned tasks.”

In 2016, the company will focus on partnership and launch new products in order to strengthen and complement existing product portfolios and expand its coverage in enterprise market, both public and private sectors, including financial services, service providers and healthcare industries. This year, nForce plans to introduce high-quality, affordable products for SMBs, and it expects to grow its revenue by 10-15%.

Regarding security trends in 2016, the company believes that cloud-based security solutions used by smart machines and mobile devices, including data protection solutions, will become more important. Meanwhile, security threats will increasingly target clouds, and hacking industry will be established. With more attacks against clouds, organizations will be encounters problems. Therefore, it will be important to improve threat defense technology.

Mr. Nakrop added that nForce will add new products from Huawei, Efficient IP, and ExtraHop.

  • Huawei,
In addition to its leading telecom technology, Huawei has developed enterprise solutions to address enterprises' needs, especially for security. Such solutions include Next generation Firewall (NGFW), Next generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS) and Anti-Distributed Denial of Service (Anti DDoS). These products have been tested and certified by leading organizations including Gartner ICSA Lab. Therefore, customers can be assured of quality and performance delivered by these solutions.

  • Efficient IP
Efficient IP is a leading provider of network service management solutions that enable comprehensive control and management of network infrastructure and centralized management of network services with a wide range of management tools for DNS, DHCP, IP Address (IP Address Management: IPAM), and other tools that facilitate management tasks. Moreover, the company offers DNS Security solution that proactively prevents attacks and protects DNS infrastructure by detecting and blocking activities that are vulnerable to malware attacks. The solution can identify infected devices before they get into contact with DNS system. This solution improves reliability and security of network with in-depth analysis, monitoring, reporting, alerting and network asset tracking capabilities. It accommodates IPv6 services and compatibility between IPv4 and IPv6.

  • ExtraHop
ExtraHop provides a reliable platform for wired data analytics, enabling real-time, end-to-end visibility for traffic in various tiers of IT environment without additional tools or application modifications. Moreover, it helps IT teams to plan and implement proactive approaches for solving application issues faster. This solution also incorporates best-in-class capabilities for automatic searches and categorizing of web servers, applications and infrastructure elements. With real-time visibility, it facilitates planning for system upgrades and productivity improvement.

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About nForce Secure
nForce Secure is a leading supplier and channel marketing development of advanced information security solutions that enables organizations of all sizes to better leverage and control their investments in Internet and related Information Technology.
nForce Secure offers a full range of product and services including security infrastructure design; security assessments; regulatory compliance; development and implementation of data security policies; network, gateway and email anti-virus; email content management, URL filtering, wireless security, network identity appliances, intrusion detection services (IDS), user provisioning, network access control, log management and reporting. Our troubleshooting skills come from our vast experience with all types of networks and information security. nForce Security has highly skilled certified technical team. Technical team has various certifications such as CCNA, CCNP, CCSP, CCIE, CISSP, CISA, CISM, CEH, MCSE etc.
For more information pls. visit: http://www.nforcesecure.com.