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dtac invests 70 billion Baht to introduce Super 4G and to launch never-seen-before offerings for customers

February 9, 2016 – dtac invests 70 billion Baht, previously budgeted for the 900 MHz license bidding, in network expansion and marketing campaigns for its Super 4G Network and Super 4G offerings, which allows customers to enjoy 3 times faster Internet, together with dtac’s customer confidence boosting campaign. 
Mr. Lars Norling, Chief Executive Officer, Total Access Communication PLC or dtac, said, “dtac has a strong commitment to become a Digital Service leader and plans to spend 70 billion Baht over the next 3 years on network investment and marketing campaigns for the company’s 4G battle. The Super 4G campaign offers super Internet experience on dtac’s network and introduces the following Super 4 offerings for dtac customers. 
·       Super 4G dtac expands and enhances the quality of dtac’s network with Super 4G on 1800 Mhz from 5MHz to 15MHz which 3 times faster the speed ahead of 4G, in pursuing the company’s strategy of delivering The largest 4G bandwidth on the single network, which operates on the 1800 MHz  to provide dtac customers with the expanded and enhanced Super 4G experience.

1) dtac plans to increase 4G bandwidth on the 1800 MHz spectrum to 20 MHz, adding to another 5 MHz on the 2100 MHz spectrum, which makes dtac the operator with the largest bandwidth of 25 MHz. with full compatibility with all smartphones in the market. We will be the only operator that fully has 4G in 20MHz and serves all range of 4G devices

2) dtac 4G on the 1800 MHz spectrum will cover 77 provinces by the second quarter.

3) dtac 4G on the 2100 MHz spectrum will cover all 878 districts nationwide by the third quarter.
·       Super 4 Offering introduces 4 super packages offering best value rates and smartphones for customers.
1)   Super Sale offers the fastest 4G with free smartphones or up to 75% discount on 4G smartphones and extra 24 GB with selected packages. Promotional smartphones include free Samsung Galaxy J2, Asus Zenfone 2 Laser at 75% discount, Samsung Galaxy A5 at 36% or 5,000 Baht discount, iPhone 6S (16 GB) at 19% or 5,000 Baht discount, etc.

2)   Super Love & Roll Non Stop offers the best unlimited 4G/3G Internet package in the market, starting from 299 Baht per month. Customers get 10 GB of 4G/3G Internet for only 499 Baht per month, with unused data to be carried over to next month at 384 Kbps. The top package offers 80 GB of Internet data and 2,000 minutes calls.

3)   Super Topping provides the best value prepaid Internet packages in the market for Happy customers. “Non-Stop Full Speed Internet” offers unlimited Internet without extra charge in daily, weekly, and monthly packages. The 19 Baht/day package gives customers 500 MB Internet at maximum speed of 100 Mbps. After the 500 MB data is used up, customers are able to use internet until the end of their package period.

4)   Super Device is a 2-billion Baht campaign by dtac to encourage its 2G customers to upgrade their 2G phones to 4G/3G smartphones to enable them to enjoy super Internet experience.
     Currently, dtac has 25.3 million subscribers, 2.3 million of which are 4G subscribers. Smartphone ownership has increased to 61% from 48% last year as a result of handset promotions, and 15% of total subscribers use 4G-enabled smartphones. The number of data subscribers has increased as well, to 14.2 million. We are planning to launch a new brand platform to solidify our brand image and marketing position. The new brand platform will be a solid foundation for the best products and services that we offer.