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DrGL® Restore Gel Mask Skincare born of a doctor’s experience

DrGL® is a range of bespoke skincare by celebrity Dr.Georgia Lee. The proprietary skincare range infuses science into effective skincare and is dedicated to different skin types. Eschewing the mass for a carefully crafted selection of premium quality products, DrGL®offers the modern busy individual maximum efficacy, minimum fuss.

While her clinical experience gave her the confidence to start her very own skincare line, it was her personal experience that provided the final push. A serious allergic reaction resulted in blisters that covered the left side of her face, leaving her with persistent hyperpigmentation which only resolved after treatment with a cream that she customized for herself. While traumatic, this episode piqued her interest in skincare and motivated her to delve further into its development.

Uncompromising quality

As a boutique brand, Dr.Lee is involved at every stage of DrGL®product development, from formula to manufacturing and packaging, always striving for the highest standards.

Never one to settle for less than the best, Dr.Lee brings this same demanding approach to DrGL®. Maximum efficacy is ensured with the use of top-of-the-range ingredients, a choice that surprised even her suppliers who advised that cheaper mass alternatives could provide almost the same effects; but for Dr.Lee, almost is simply not good enough. Similarly, manufacturers of the same mindset were sought, ensuring that the purity of the products is never compromised at any stage.
A cult favorite

Most gratifyingly, DrGL® has received rave reviews and more importantly, has made a difference to its users. Since its inception, DrGL® skincare has won critical acclaim and recognition. Discover for yourself why fans swear by it.

"I believe that skincare should be simple"

Dr.Georgia Lee
DrGL® Restore Gel Mask

Bring skin back to equilibrium with this restorative gel for all skin types. Packed with healing botanicals to help soothe skin, it makes a particularly good travel companion as skin tends to be stressed by changing environments, manifesting signs of irritation such as redness and dryness.

How To Use
As a mask : apply a thick layer over face for intensive healing; wipe off excess after 20 minutes. As a gel moisturizer : smooth onto face as often as needed.

The DrGL® Difference

A proprietary blend of natural ingredients including Gardenia Florida Extract and Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract heals skin with its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial powers. Its blue hue extracted from Guaiazulene helps counteract redness while its all-natural fragrance exerts a calming influence.

(240ml / THB 2,250)

DrGL® skincare products are now available at DrGL counter Central Chidlom and Central Bangna

BIOGRAPHY of  Dr.Georgia Lee       

     Dr.Georgia Lee is one of the most recognized doctors in Singapore today, known not only for her dedication and interest in non-invasive aesthetic procedures, but also for her distinct fashion sense and glamorous red carpet lifestyle.

After graduating from medical school in 1993, and out of her own personal interest and conviction, she began exploring ways to promote well-being and beauty, and started her own medical practice in 1999. Her strongest belief is in the all-importance of preventive measures, both in terms of health and looking after one’s skin.

With a wealth of practical knowledge and experience, Dr.Lee is a well sought-after speaker. She has shared her success and learning with local medical students, teachers and the business community from the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce. She also travels frequently around the region to offer consultations and expertise to other aesthetic practitioners, and has given medical lectures to doctors in Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Italy, Korea, and Thailand.

In 2013, Dr Lee had her first collaboration with a leading premium healthcare provider - Bumrungrad International, advocating the finest standards of quality and care as well as the shared mind set of proven efficacy and reliability.

Her entrepreneurial spirit also led her to venture beyond her medical practice and eventually develop and introduce a namesake skincare line, DrGL® and a treatment spa, DrGL® loves DrSpa®.  Years of research are spent in conducting in-depth research based on clinical experience, touring across Asia and the world for the latest expertise, experience and ingredients and sourcing the best ingredients for the DrGL® brand of products and service.

Since its inception in 2009, DrGL® skincare has earned critical acclaim locally and around the region, including prestigious beauty awards and accolades by leading beauty blogs and magazines such as Her World, Elle, Women’s Weekly and Harper’s Bazaar. More recently, DrGL® continues to build on its many successes to expand its regional footprint outside of Singapore, garnering foreign media attention and recognition.

Dr Lee has won a multitude of notable awards over the years including – Veure Cliquot La Grande Dame Award (2007), Hall of Fame of Style, Singapore Tatler (2007), Best Beauty Clinic, Singapore Tatler (2008-2012), Spirit of Enterprise 2008 (SMU 2008), among many others.

When Dr.Lee is not attending the latest aesthetic seminars overseas, she can be spotted at the most chi-chi parties in town with the jet set.