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CIMB Thai ready to go full throttle in investment banking

With a strengthened investment banking team and the recruitment of
‘Wirach Morakotkarn’ as team leader to generate more income from transactions in
Pornchai Padmindra, Senior Executive Vice President, Wholesale Banking Group, CIMB Thai Bank, revealed the satisfactory performance of Wholesale Banking Group for the year 2015 and the opportunity to grow continuously this year thanks to the strong ASEAN network of CIMB Group and the readiness of the team at CIMB Thai Bank as well as corporate clients who are ready to expand and broaden their investment to new markets overseas. This year, cross-border transactions will grow and CIMB Thai Bank and its clients will be looking for business opportunities together.
“Many people are concerned about the economy this year, in both the global and Thai economy. I would like to say that it depends on your point of view; on how you handle the situation in either good or bad environment and whether you can turn this crisis into opportunity. This year, the declaration of our vision is ‘ASEAN, Are You Ready?’ to communicate that we are ready to optimize our resources to provide services to clients. Our question to them is whether they are ready,” said Pornchai.
The highlight of Wholesale Banking Group’s performance in 2015 is the volume of loans and transactions related to cross-border deals which grew over 100% year on year. Most of these transactions were from the expansion of Thai companies’ off-shore investment. This reflects the strength of Thai companies and their trust in CIMB Thai Bank and CIMB Group.
    Wirach Morakotkarn, Executive Vice President, Investment Banking Group, CIMB Thai Bank, said that CIMB Thai Bank’s investment banking team have set targets to help Thai clients grow in ASEAN. The resources that will help us achieve these targets are 20 expert investment bankers and universal services for corporate clients, namely financial service, consultancy and cash management. Another factor is the strength of CIMB franchise with over 1,000 branches in 17 countries worldwide serving clients in corporate, SME and retail segments and providing Islamic banking, asset management, wealth management and bancassurance services. All these factors help the operation run smoothly and enable us to provide services the clients need.
“With the recruitment and franchise established, we declare to go full throttle in investment banking business. With deals in the pipeline we target to jumpstart our income by highlighting that cross-border transactions account for over 50% of the total income in 2016,” said Wirach.
Out of the CIMB Thai Bank’s investment banking deals in the pipeline during 2016-2017, only those that can be revealed, are over 20 Initial Public Offerings (IPO) and deals related to Equity Capital Market (ECM) worth THB 30 billion (approximately 5 REIT deals among these deals with total value of THB 5 billion); over 10 Merger and Acquisition (M&A) deals worth THB 30 billion and over 40 deals related to Debt Capital Market worth THB 50 billion. In total, there are over 60 deals valued over THB 110 billion, excluding transactions related to loans, project finance and financial advisory in ASEAN.


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