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“Thailand Yacht Show 2016” in Phuket to be scheduled on February 8-14, 2016

     The Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the Ministry of Transport, the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the Marine Department, and the Thailand Yacht Show 2016 organizers co-host the press conference to unveil its readiness to kick off “Thailand Yacht Show 2016”, the gathering of the innovative superyachts in the region coupled with the most luxury yachting lifestyle activities in Phuket, Thailand. This inaugural yachting event aims to support the government policy to promote Thailand to become a ‘Marina Hub of ASEAN’ as well as stimulating Thailand’s economy and a tourism sector committed to the national growth. The “Thailand Yacht Show 2016” will be taken place from February 8-14, 2016 at Ao Po Grand Marina, Phuket.
Mrs. Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, Minister of Tourism and Sports, said: “To align with the government policy to quickly increase the potentials of Thai economy in relation to tourism industry by stimulating both Thai and international visitors to travel in Thailand even more with the addition of the best facilities to maximize tourism atmosphere, therefore, I’m confident that the “Thailand Yacht Show 2016” will excellently meet the government policy, particularly in terms of marketing and public relations. This will be a kick-off event of the year for the yachting industry in Phuket and will significantly support other forthcoming international yacht events, such as; The 19th Bay Regatta, Cape Panwa Hotel Raceweek, the Asian Yachting Grand Prix, and Asia Super Yacht Rendezvous. Most importantly, “Thailand Yacht Show 2016” will be a powerful platform for Thai entrepreneurs to unveil their products and one-stop services to high-end customers ranging from yachting financial solutions, long-term leasing services, insurance services, on-board catering services, on-board yacht services by captains or yacht crews, after-sales services to technician services by well-trained and certified yachting experts. The positive news stream from supporting the event as well as the introduction of yachting products and services will be a substantial part to improve the image of Thailand’s tourism, first and foremost, to promote Phuket as “Marina Hub of ASEAN” through world’s media, creating worldwide recognition and elevating the overall images of both Phuket and Thailand. “Thailand Brand” as the “Valued Tourist Destination” and also “Quality Leisure Destination’ will be stronger which will later benefit our economy and society as it will help attract the high-end yacht market which has high purchasing power. It is expected that this yachting event will generate no less than USD 200-400 million. The yacht market in Phuket during the year 2006-2014 recorded 3% average growth and will jump by no less than 3-5% from 2015. In addition, the promotion of yachting businesses will create employment and distribute sustainable income to local people while providing constant learning to entrepreneurs and labors to increase their specialized skills. Therefore, it can be said that the promotion of “Thailand Yacht Show 2016” will definitely provide tremendous benefits to Thai economy and society as a whole.”

Mr. Arkhom Termpittayapaisith, Minister of Transport, said: “Thailand’s marine leisure tourism is the top destination that has hugely caught interest from both local and international visitors. With the Ministry’s highly supportive of the yacht show, it will predominantly promote Thailand to become a ‘Marina Hub of ASEAN’ while stimulating investors to realize the potentials of yachting and marina business which will be able to open up more business opportunities. This year, the Cabinet approved a fund of 15 million baht to organize this event and assigned the Ministry of Tourism and Sports to take full responsibilities to ensure the success of the show and promote the good image of Thailand. I believe that this show will be a key driver for sustainable economic growth in all aspects ranging from promoting tourism sector to creating inspiration and vibrant atmosphere for marine tourism industry and other services persistently. However, in order to achieve that, laws and regulations regarding foreign superyacht visits may need to be reviewed. The Ministry will discuss the matter with relevant agencies including the Marine Department, the Customs Department, the Revenue Department, and the Immigration Bureau to seek further solutions. We have recently announced the regulations and requirements for the new Superyacht Charter License that will allow foreign-flagged superyachts to stay and operate in Thai waters for one year. So far, three superyachts have been presented with the license. In addition, we will collaborate with the Immigration Bureau to facilitate in extending length of stay for the crew working on board a superyacht to one year, or equal to the yacht’s cruising deration. Meanwhile, the tax issue is being discussed among relevant agencies such as the Revenue Department. All these efforts reflect the government’s government to show to the world Thailand’s potential of becoming a Marina Hub of ASEAN and to promote Thailand as an operation base for superyacht charters.”

Mr. Kajornkiat Raksapanitmanee, Vice Governor of Phuket, said: “Phuket is widely recognized as one of the top marine tourist destinations among tourists from all over the world and also a preferred destination for entrepreneurs to do business investment. With its stunning cruising ground and strong potentials to host the show coupled with unrivalled marina facilities in the region, I’m confident that it will definitely grab a huge number of visitors and entrepreneurs’ attention. What’s more, the “Thailand Yacht Show 2016” will create a new exciting travel experience and will be able to meet the event’s main objectives to the fullest.”
Mr. Andy Treadwell, Managing Director of 3L Events (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and the organizer of Thailand Yacht Show 2016, said: “Thailand Yacht Show 2016 will feature over 50 participating yachts and more than 2,000 attendees including yachting operators, yacht owners, shipyard operators, yacht repair service providers, investors, and the general public. To raise public awareness and attract interest for the show, we are organizing a series of warm-up events including water sports and activities such as stand up paddle boarding, sailing, kayaking, and beach parties in several locations across Phuket during February 8-10, 2016. The Thailand Yacht Show will take place from February 11-14, 2016 at Ao Po Grand Marina, one of the many beautiful yacht holiday destinations in Phuket.”
Visitors will have an exciting opportunity to witness the latest yachting innovations from yachting experts, plus witness the exquisiteness of world’s famous yacht brands, for example, Azimut from Italy. For more information, please visit www.thailandyachtshow.com. To register your interest in exploring the spectacular Dunia Baru at the Thailand Yacht Show 2016, please go to www.thailandyachtshow.com/visitor-registration or contact Fleur Tomlinso at fleur@37southyachts.com.