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‘Coca-Cola’ unveils ‘Aquarius’ – drives emerging enhanced hydration drink

segment that targets consumers with active lifestyle

  • Aquarius taps into people who lead active lifestyles and need an everyday beverage that provides enhanced hydration
  • Aquarius brand already a US$1 billion brand for Coca-Cola and a sensational best-seller in Japan’s Bht 70,000 million enhanced hydration segment 
  • Conducts big bang launch in Thailand to replicate Japanese success with Bht 300 million nationwide launch budget and sampling campaign targeting 1,000,000 consumers
(From left) Maj. Gen. Patchara Rattakul, Chief Operating Officer of Haad Thip Plc.; Mr. Pornwut Sarasin, Chairman of Thai NamThip Co., Ltd.; Mr. Jorge Chazarreta, President of Thai NamThip Co., Ltd. and Mr. Antonio Del Rosario, General Manager of Coca-Cola (Thailand) Ltd. in the press conference to announce a new ‘enhanced hydration drink’ called ‘Aquarius’
Bangkok (30 September 2015)The Coca-Cola system in Thailand, today, unveiled a new ‘enhanced hydration drink’ called ‘Aquarius’, entering an emerging beverage segment in Thailand.  The Coca-Cola system in Thailand hopes to replicate Aquarius’s sensational success in Japan where it has become the leader of the enhanced hydration segment (worth Bht 70,000 million).  

Aquarius, a US$1 billion brand for Coca-Cola, targets people who lead active lifestyles and are looking for an everyday beverage to hydrate them.  A budget of Bht 300 million is earmarked for a massive nationwide marketing campaign.

Mr. Antonio Del Rosario, General Manager of Coca-Cola (Thailand) Ltd., said, “Coca-Cola is committed to research and development to provide consumers with new choices that meet their emerging needs.  Aquarius seeks to satisfy consumers who have an active lifestyle and recognise the importance keeping well hydrated.  As Thailand’s leading beverage company, we identified this unmet need and decided to enter an emerging beverage segment in Thailand with the launch of Aquarius, a product that can address the consumer’s emerging need.”

According to Mr. Del Rosario, “Aquarius fills the gap between drinking water and sports drinks.  While sports drinks aim at a very specific sport occasion consumption, Aquarius is for everyday consumption and provides enhanced hydration and replenishment.”

He said, “The emerging enhanced hydration drink segment has particularly strong potential in Thailand where people are exposed to high temperatures and the sun daily; as a result they, typically, find themselves in need for hydration.  We believe the enhanced hydration drink segment has strong growth potential in Thailand where it could be worth as much as Bht 10,000 million within five years.”

Aquarius has been a massive success and is one of Coca-Cola’s top 20 brands with annual sales topping US$1 billion (approximately Bht 36,000 million) alongside our popular brands like Fanta and Minute Maid.

(From left) Deaw Suriyont Arunwattanakul, guest celebrity Mrs. Prapaipak Weigl, Marketing Manager of Non-Sparkling Beverages of Coca-Cola (Thailand) Ltd.; Mr. Antonio Del Rosario, General Manager of Coca-Cola (Thailand) Ltd.; PooklookFonthip Watcharatrakul, guest celebrity.

In Japan, the enhanced hydration category is worth around 47% of the total packaged water market.  Aquarius brand dominates the category as the most popular enhanced beverage brand.  Today Aquarius brand is available in 26 countries around the world including Spain, Japan, Argentina, China, Indonesia and South Korea.  The Aquarius brand is poised to launch in more markets in line with a growing trend for enhanced hydration among consumers worldwide.

Mrs. Prapaipak Weigl, Marketing Manager of Non-Sparkling Beverages of Coca-Cola (Thailand) Ltd., said, “Aquarius is the biggest product launch of the year for the Coca-Cola system in Thailand.  We are investing Bht 300 million behind this launch.  We plan to distribute over 1,000,000 samples nationwide and will provide consumers with a true Aquarius experience, informing them of the importance of enhanced hydration.  We want to generate massive trial of our product among as many people as possible, and I encourage everyone to be on the lookout for our sampling teams.  Additionally, we have prepared an exciting TV and cinema commercials that will be launched starting 15 October.  We also have out-of-home media nationwide at many high-traffic locations where commuters, active lifestyle businessmen/women, and busy moms are all in need of hydration”.
“Our lives have become incredibly complex and full of activities, from physical activities to keep ourselves in shape to simply going about our hectic day.  Sometimes we can forget the importance of providing our body with what it needs.  This is where the Aquarius enhanced hydration proposition plays a role.  We are confident this proposition will meet the needs of Thai consumers,” said Mrs. Weigl.

Globally, the segment is expected to double in size and value by 2020, from approximately Bht 800,000 million to Bht 1,500,000 million, annually.  Coca-Cola expects the doubling in market size to happen in Thailand within the same period.
‘Aquarius’ enhanced hydration beverage is available in Thailand in two options for all drinking occasions: Bht 13 at provision stores, and Bht 16 at convenience stores as well as supermarkets and hypermarkets.  Aquarius has only 90 calories per bottle.  

Follow updates on activities of Aquarius at www.facebook.com/AquariusThailand.

“Aquarius…Everyday Hydration”


Notes to the Editor

The Coca-Cola System in Thailand consists of Coca-Cola (Thailand) Limited as the brand proprietor responsible for marketing activities, and its two local bottling partners – ThaiNamthip Ltd responsible for 63 provinces around Thailand, and Haad Thip Public Company Ltd serving 14 southern provinces.

The Coca-Cola system in Thailand is the nationwide market leader for non-alcoholic beverages. In addition to Coca-Cola, the most valuable brand in the world, the Coca-Cola system’s portfolio of beverages in Thailand includes Coke Zero, Coca-Cola Light, Fanta, Sprite, Schweppes, A&W Root Beer, Minute Maid Splash, Minute Maid Pulpy, Namthip, herbal drink Habu and Aquarius.