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Healthy, Beauty Skin in 5 minutes POLA B.A THE MASSAGE

     If you desire to have a perfect skin, to apply treatment cream may not enough. Additionally apply treatment  the inner facial skin just like body skin will help. To consume all nutrition each day may not enough, but to additionally exercise for better health. Comparing to your skin that need perfect treatment. However, with women rushing lifestyle nowadays, we might not have much time for facial massage at cosmetic center. Beauty is everyone's desire. Today, Pola introduce the easiest way to treat your skin impressively at home but you will feel the results for the perfect beauty skin, look healthy

Many prefer facial massage as they want to relax from work. With our massage, it'll stimulate blood flow and make your face look shine and healthy, your muscle will relax , skin not sagging and reduce aging wrinkle

POLA, the premium cosmetic brand from Japan, is recognize around the world, reveal the beauty secret for perfect skin, B.A THE MASSAGE, the powerful deeply facial treatment from BA

POLA Facial massage technique with B.A THE MASSAGE by facial treatment specialist from POLA ESTHETIC
The benefits of facial massage, not only deeply cleaning your face, but also gently remove dead cells to make your face look cleaner, the smooth texture will improve outer skin and deeply keep treatment ingredient. to improve and stimulate blood flow and lymph glands. Gently massage to relax your skin, and flow the Oxygen to the cells around the face including muscle, atherosclerosis and lymphatic. The result: you face will be tighten, Resilient and look healthy. The steps of POLA B.A THE MASSAGE CREAM are :
Massage posture and cream spreading
  • with you whole palm, gently massage you face to relax facial muscle
  • in T-Zone with finger tips, to remove unwanted particle from chin, nose, lifting the lips and reduce forehead wrinkle
Step 1 : Relax
  • massage to relax jaws and noses with second joint of all fingers to make chewing muscle lifting and reduce wrinkle
  • skin around eyes is sensitive, just only blink around 20000 times or staring at computer make you skin around eyes feel tired. With second joint of all fingers pull up and down between eyes reduce muscle tension. It not necessary to use much force to massage as the muscle is under outer skin for few millimeter. It may cause bruised and more wrinkle. Reflexology stimulate blood system to flow to face and result to relax facial muscle.
Step 2 :  Clean your skin and stimulate blood flow and lymph glands
  • Emphasize on both side palm, pat along jaws or cheek bone then press around lymph glands under jays to remove grime around ear. Lymph glands will remove grime from the body to vein and collarbone. to stimulate blood flow and lymph gland, use reflexology around facial skin.
  • Massage around the eyes by gently use finger tips to increase skin temperature, which indicates improve in blood flow, scar and marks reduce after massage.
Step 3 : Lifting
  • Massage with full palm around cheek bone, feel like clogging fat to lifting face. it improve fat burning to reduce sagging of cheek and forehead. make it feel tight and beauty

Wrinkle and Sagging are the most 2 major problems of aging that everyone concern, as it show and feel aged from unhealthy face, look aged. the reason may cause by grime remain in blood, muscle and fat under skin. it will removed only by facial massage. Thus, to maximize the result of facial massage, not only cleansing, but also shaping the face to look tighten and look young. POLA emphasize on treatment and maintain for wrinkle and sagging problem that make it look over the aged.

POLA B.A The Massage
120g Price  8,500 Baht

    Special!! in August, to welcome Mother's day and gifts for your Mom. POLA has special offer!! with any Pola product purchased, you will receive massage course with POLA  B.A THE MASSAGE CREAM for your mom worth 1000 Baht (45 Minutes) by Facial treatment specialist at POLA Esthetic.

     Now available at POLA Cosmetics counter ISETAN, Central Rama 3, Central Silom Complex , Central Festival Salaya Or POLA nationwide dealers. Tel : 02 266 2688
www.pola.co.thwww.facebook.com/polathailand, Instagram: POLA_THAILAND