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dtac launches “Lucky Number” campaign

dtac launches “Lucky Number” campaign for exceptional mobile numbers selected and guaranteed by Master Chang, Todsaporn Sritula

July 6, 2015 – dtac revealed a new campaign, “Lucky Number”,  for customers who believe in mobile numbers to bring happiness and prosperity to their lives. These numbers are selected and guaranteed by Master Chang, Todsaporn Sritula. The campaign is aimed to drive dtac to reach its customer service goal, ‘Loved by Customers’, and to increase number of 3G/4G subscribers, especially 4G target of 2.5 million subscribers by year end.

Miss. Pritsana Ratanasuwansri, Senior Vice President, Postpaid Business of Total Access Communication PLC. or dtac, said “Last year, the ‘Lucky Number’ campaign was successful. We received great responses from customers who believed in lucky numbers. They believed that the numbers represent their identities which can bring them good luck in work, love, and etc.  Therefore, dtac has launched ‘Lucky Number” campaign again this year as Master Chang, Todsaporn Sritula, exclusively selected all lucky numbers with fabulous prophecy to bring merits to number-loving-customers.”
A report from Division of Telecommunication Economics Research and Information Center of NBTC shows that in the 2nd quarter of 2015, there are 93.4 million mobile phone subscribers: 13.6 for post-paid subscribers and 79.8 for pre-paid subscribers. The penetration rate is over 140% which indicates that 2-3 SIM cards are owned by the same user. Approximately, thirteen percent of dtac’s postpaid customers own 2 SIM cards, for reasons of separating the use for personal and business or that a new series of number would bring them luck. Thus, the  ‘Lucky Number’ campaign will address the needs of customers who are interested in promoting their fortunes and make them feel better and hopeful at affordable price and with great service packages.

Lucky Number campaign by dtac is unique because all numbers are exclusively selected and analyzed by Master Chang, Todsaporn Sritula, thus the yielding lucky numbers are very limited in availability. These numbers were not only picked from outstanding numerical summation but also magnificent numerical combination and sequence which are meant to promote fortune and bring comfort and peace to owners’ life. Master Chang also gave his prophecy for each number in three main interesting aspects: work, finance and fortune, and love.
     Master Todsaporn Sritula or Master Changstudied Astrology since he was 11. His continuous learning in astrological prediction (horoscope), astrological calculation (solar system movement) as well as Feng Shui domestically and abroad make Master Chang famously known as one of few Thai astrologists who are truly expert in both Thai astrology and Feng Shui.
    There are 2 service packages of dtac’s Lucky Number SIM cards for postpaid customers.

1. Lucky Number – Good assortment and great meaning number for a new number’s subscriber of Love & Roll package which is able to roll over unused data balance to the next month and free call to all networks or Freshy package which is able to use mobile internet constantly and great calling plan. Both packages start at 399 Baht.

2. Lucky Number Gold – Specially selected number and numbering sequence for a new number’s subscriber of Love & Roll package starting at 999 Baht.

Lucky number SIM card will show the sum of all numbers on the package for you to choose from. Available now with affordable prices and service packages at all dtac service centers and dtac centers nationwide. For more information, please go to http://www.dtac.co.th.