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LME unveils fashion wonderland, reaffirming its status as lifestyle fashion leader.

Introducing “LME Connect/Connect LME”exhibition, featuring 10 leading brands
to woo Thai fashionistas this July 1-5 at Fashion Hall, 1st floor, Siam Paragon.
LME, a leading producer and retailer of fashion products from 10 brands, is a well-established name in Southeast Asia, with more than 30 years of experience to its name. Today, it has organized a new shopping extravaganza for Thai shoppers at LME Connect / Connect LME exhibition, which is the first time that LME presents all of its brands in one event. The exhibition will help make the general public know LME better, and is a chance for Thai shoppers to enjoy special discounts as a thank you gift for their constant support.
The company’s philosophy is that fashion is all around, and clothes are more than just something you wear – they reflect who you are, how you live, and what you think. Clothes also play an important role in creating an impression.
LME will hold an official launch of LME Connect / Connect LME under the concept “Be Happy, Be Yourself, Be Stylish with LME” in the evening of July 1st at Fashion Hall, 1st  floor, Siam Paragon. The event features products from 10 brands, dedicated to every age and lifestyle, including ESPADA, Ep, F. Fashion, Von Dutch, ESPADA Accessories, ESP, LTD, FOX, Rock X Press and Onitsuka Tiger.
Boonchai Kongpukpaisarn, Chief Executive Officer of LME, said, “We organize LME Connect / Connect LME to connect our customers, our partners, and our supporters throughout the past three decades of our history. The event also aims to reaffirm LME’s status as a “World Class Fashion Company” who is ready for AEC which will start around the end of this year. LME never stops improving to fulfill lifestyle and fashion needs of the consumers, according to our slogan, “LME never stops, LME never slows down.”
“Over the past several years, we have paid attention to research as a tool to understand Thai people’s lifestyle, so that we can respond to the consumers’ needs accordingly. We’ve invested in IT, technology, software, and logistics, which are the hearts of the fashion industry. This is to strengthen our foundation and get us ready for the industry’s growth in the future. Today, LME is ready to be a ‘World Class Fashion Company’, offering international quality standards.”  
“We offer products at affordable price with good quality. We want our customers to feel confident when they wear our clothes, and have more fun with fashion. The brands that we have cater to every age group and lifestyle, from street wear for the young ones to work apparel, from casual to semi-formal. We also have fashionable pieces that catch the latest trends. Many of the brands that we distribute are well-known around the world, such as Onitsuka Tiger, Von Dutch and F. Fashion. They are popular brands in Europe and Asia. I am confident that brands that LME offers respond to the fashion needs of every customer group,” said Boonchai, CEO of LME.
As a distributor of well-known international brands for every lifestyle, the exhibition is divided into five zones. The first zone is Dress Up, offering clothes for special occasions, party clothes, and stylish work apparel from ESPADA, Ep, F. Fashion and LTD. The design is unique, fusing fun with classic. The second zone is Casual, featuring casualwear from Ep, ESP, Fox and F. Fashion. This zone focuses on easy pieces for relaxing days, with fun elements that appeal to fashion lovers, men and women alike.
Next is Denim zone, which appeals to denim lovers with brands like Von Dutch, ESP and Rock X Press. The denim products come in various designs – sexy, feminine, edgy, and hipster. Another zone that fans shouldn’t miss is Accessories, featuring bags from ESPADA Accessories and F. Fashion Bag.
Last but not least is Onitsuka Tiger zone. LME is the sole licensed distributor in Thailand of this popular footwear brand from Japan which has been wildly successful in Thailand over the past few years. The comfort and the colourful design appeal to the Thai fashion lovers, and the shoes have become one of the top fashion items of today.
  LME Connect/Connect LME is open to the general public, offering LME products with discounts, from July 2 to 5 at Fashion Hall, 1st floor, Siam Paragon. For more information,
call 02 683 9300 ext 3013.