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The Leader in Solar Energy from Germany Join Hands with Fah Chai Engineering Company Limited Station its New KACO Branch in Thailand Venturing the ASEAN Market and AEC

     KACO new energy Germany ventures in ASEAN and AEC market establishing the new KACO branch using Thailand as the base to expand regenerative energy or solar power services market by appointing a signing ceremony with Fah Chai Engineering Company Limited to be the official vendor for its product and services.

     Mr. DorkoEliaszewskyi the Executive Board and CEO of KACO Trading (First from left), one of KACO new energy GmbH significant figure revealed that after the official opening of KACO new energy representative branch in Thailand and the signing ceremony that delegates Fah Chai Engineering Company Limited to be the sole product and service provider of regenerative energy or solar power services. We have received the special honor from Mr.Naruethep Sitthichankuna of Secrtary – general to the Privy Councilor to be the chairperson of the ceremony to officially launch KACO Office in Thailand on May 15 2015 at The Sukosol Hotel Bangkok.

     “One of the main reasons that KACO chose Thailand as a destination to establish its company is because they forecast that Thailand is ready with its suitable geography and the increasing in demands for solar energy in the Asia regions, and this is why KACO decided to venture in setting up Thailand KACO branch. KACO looks forward to making Thailand as the center hub to expand its market and distribute its technology to the Asean Economic Community and the Southeast Asia Regions. In this case KACO have put into great consideration and choseFah Chai Engineering Company Limited to partner with, seeing that it have the manpower and knowledge base on the product and services allowing a one stop service or turnkey management or EPC-Engineering, Procurement and Construction)” said Mr. Dorko.
     KACO new energy Gmbh is one of the three world leader of Solar Inverter market. Today the Solar Inverter market have a market value or cumulative sales of 14,300 Billion Euro or 500,500 thousand billion Thai Baht. If calculated by the cumulative energy installed of 200,000 MW or is an equivalent comparison to 154 nuclear power plants. KACO forecast that the overall global market will have the tendency to expand 35% per year in the next upcoming 5 years. After that there is a possibility of an estimated expansion of 25% per year in the long run. KACO new energy Gmbh have a cumulative sales total of 2,000 Billion Euro or 70,000 billion Thai Baht and if calculated by the cumulative energy installed is 7,000 Mw. In the year 2015 KACO look forward to expand its sales up to 30% or 500 Million Euro 0r 17,500 million Thai Baht.

     Mr. Phiphat Phakhananyoothin the Country Manager of KACO new Energy (Thailand) states that the sales promotion plan after setting up the representative of KACO brand in Thailand is the sole investment of KACO headquarter focusing on Brand Awareness through various marketing plan ranging from joining exhibition functions, making donations to religious sectors such as temples and Buddhist monasteriesor sustainability projects.
     Furthermore he looks forward to educating and passing on the know-how and expertise of this technology to the country by cooperating with the education sectors such as universities that are ready in both manpower and venue. In the present we are making a proposal to King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok with the intention to offer beneficial knowledge to the students, departments and public who are interested.
     Dr. AkaranunMongkolchonsawat the Chief Operations Officer of Fah Chai Engineering Company Limited said that the company is well prepared with manpower to support the sales of KACO product and services to the target customers. Eighty percent of the staff are civil engineers, electrical andelectronic engineers and information technology engineers where each and every staff have received a standardize training program in terms of both theory and application from the training center in Germany to be able to support all areas starting from design, assembling, testing, actual process, to monitoring and maintenance with great expertise. In addition to that we also have spare parts to support all clients which also meets the global factory standard.

     The company looks forward to target to all markets for instance electric user who are households, condominiums, factory, school, hospital, warehouse, and cargos. On the business side the company looks to expand into the industrial estate within the country and vendors who produce electricity for the country such as the ones who have Power Purchase Agreement but is still looking for products to proceed or Engineering Procurement and Construction. Besides that we also look into business and household community that are of far distance where there is no electricity, or electricity is not enough to support the people at places such as country borders, in the middle of forest, on top of mountains or islands.
     The company looks forward to have a target sales in the year 2015 with a market share of 30% in the first year with an expectation to install 1300 Mw. As for the education sectors and other business sectors who wish to get support and have us pass on our techonolgy please do not hesitate to contact our marketing team at KACO new energy (Thailand) Representative Office or call 02 693 5856-7 or visit our website at http://kaco-newenergy.com/