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GPSC Debut on SET Reflects Success of Thailand’s Power Industry

     GPSC marks another milestone of Thailand’s power industry when debuting on the Stock Exchange of Thailand, being well-prepared to prosper in the global level. It owes its warm welcome by the investors to solid foundation and experienced professional team as well as potential to high growth and strategic business plans taken both short- and long-term growth into consideration.
     Global Power Synergy Public Company Limited (GPSC) -one of Thailand’s leading producers and distributors of electricity, steam and utilities- creates an excitement with its debut on SET with such factors as solid foundation, stability despite the economic situation and low tendency to be effected by stock market fluctuation. This is due to the nature of the power and utilities business which is considered an infrastructure business. Recently, GPSC has signed a public utility deal with PTT Phenol Company Limited (PPCL), a 100% owned subsidiary of PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (PTTGC). GPSC will sell distribute electricity, steam, and hot water to PPCL2, according to this 15-year contract, starting from the date of commercial distribution. The agreed amount is 11.5 MW of electricity, 130 tonnes per hour of steam, and 34 cubic metres per hour of utility water. This deal shows that GPSC is a trusted company with a reliable capacity to produce public utility to support both expansions of its clients and further growth of industry sector. Furthermore, high level of management’s professionalism and their strategies to build high growth both in short- and long-term attracts all categories of investors.
     GPSC President Mr. Noppadol Pinsupa reveals that “GPSC is committed to be one of the leaders in power and utilities producers and providers in Asia, aiming to build a stronghold of Thailand’s power and utilities in the global level. The proceeds of this IPO will be used to fuel its investment projects both domestically and internationally as well as to secure its working capital. Its short-term goal is to increase its power production capacity, adding 600–1,000 MW within 2019, by investing co-generation and combined cycle power plants as well as adding renewable energy power plants into its portfolio. For long-term, GPSC has a plan to expand into other relating business which would respond to the future needs and trend.” Such ambition portrays the potential of a leap in business expansion.
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     “In the first quarter of 2015, GPSC’s reports a net profit steeply increased for 444.6%, from 98 million baht to 531 million baht, YoY. While, total revenue was up 30.04%, from 4,978 million baht to 6,473 million baht YoY. Investing in already operating and under construction projects, as stated in our short-term strategy, contributes to such growth. We believe that once those projects fully commence, the return on investment will be very satisfactory. For long-term growth, GPSC will emphasize on big projects and other relating business which will respond to the future trend and demand so as to ensure the sustainable growth,” adds Mr. Noppadol.
     GPSC has conducted its IPO, offering 374.58 million shares to the public during May 8, 11 and 12 with IPO price of 27 baht per share (par value of 10 baht per share). Taken into consideration, the nature of business, customer portfolio, thorough strategic plans, integrity and professionalism of management, GPSC would be one of the most watched stocks in Thai stock market.
For more information http://www.gpscgroup.com