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Saijo Denki launches first “Intelligent Data Center Air Conditioner” in Thailand with Dell OEM

  • Leading manufacturer of air conditioning systems in Thailand launches ‘Intelligent Aircon’ integrated with Dell Wyse Cloud Connect to reduce energy consumption
  • Intelligent Aircon’ can predict, warn customers of air conditioner failure and analyze root cause
  • SMB data centers targeted in first phase of rollout
Dell OEM
     BANGKOK, Thailand, May 21, 2015 — Saijo Denki, one of the largest high-quality air conditioner manufacturers in Thailand, has launched a new Intelligent Air Conditioning solution (Intelligent Aircon) that offers eco-friendly and energy-saving options for commercial buildings. Partnering with Dell, Saijo Denki will deliver intelligent, data-driven air conditioning systems that will enable commercial buildings to better monitor and manage their energy consumption. The first phase of this launch will target small-to-medium data centers in Thailand.
     Leveraging the trend of the Internet of Things (IoT), the new air conditioners will integrate intelligent data aggregation sensors and data analytics solutions on the backend of each unit. With each unit being connected to the Internet, the system will have the ability to determine the building’s internal and external temperatures or relative humidity, subsequently adjusting the air conditioner’s temperature settings based on the data it receives. Each air conditioner is also equipped with the ability to self-diagnose and transmit warnings in the event of a malfunction, and has an analytics function that can provide energy usage reports to the building manager’s device of choice.
     Thunyawat Chittiphalungsri - Assistant Managing Director of Saijo Denki International Co., Ltd., Erwin Meyer - regional director of Dell OEM Solutions, Asia-Pacific and South Korea, Anothai Wettayakorn - Managing Director at Dell Corporation (Thailand)
     “The Intelligent Aircon is the latest innovation in the air conditioning industry, leveraging next-generation advanced technologies to deliver more value to customers. As we continue to invest in R&D every year, we’re proud to pilot this project and be a pioneer of this concept in Thailand. The Intelligent Aircon will help businesses save hundreds of dollars each year as they reduce power usage, and we’re confident this will be the way forward for the commercial and consumer segments in Thailand,” said Thunyawat Chittiphalungsri, Assistant Managing Director of Saijo Denki International Co., Ltd.
     Following the first phase of the project, Saijo Denki aims to roll out the solution to large-scale enterprise data centers and hosting providers.
     As the only technology partner of the project, Dell provides OEM support to install and implement the backend analytics data center. Saijo Denki also deploys Dell Wyse Cloud Connect solution as the IoT gateway to gather data from sensors embedded within the air conditioners and transmit that information to the data center for analysis.
     “The Internet of Things is at a tipping point where innovation and falling costs are enabling organizations to prepare for the future. Saijo Denki is making the Intelligent Data Center Air Conditioner, a concept that we could only envision before, a reality. We are excited to see our solutions being deployed in this project, enabling Saijo Denki to deliver its Intelligent Aircon systems to its commercial customers in the market. We expect to see this setting a trend with other air conditioner manufacturers across the region,” said Erwin Meyer, regional director of Dell OEM Solutions, Asia-Pacific and South Korea.
     As the Asia-Pacific IoT market is set to grow, Dell remains committed to help customers capture market opportunities and achieve success in the IoT era. Last year, Dell made several announcements to ramp up its strategy in this space, including collaborative efforts with Intel on customer projects such as building automation for smart buildings and the launch of its first Internet of Things (IoT) Lab in Santa Clara, California. As part of its differentiation strategy, Dell OEM Solutions is focused on delivering embedded, integrated IT solutions to its customer, enabling them to be future-ready. Dell’s robust suite of solutions positions the company favourably to address customers’ IoT demands.


About Saijo Denki
     Saijo Denki is considered one of the largest and most advanced air conditioner manufacturers in Thailand. Saijo Denki, with its own in-house research and development center, highly vertical integrated manufacturing facilities and own after-sale service team, continuously innovates new air conditioner with energy saving, indoor air quality, high reliability and intelligent control system in order to deliver superior customer satisfaction. For more information, visit www.saijo-denki.co.th or Facebook: Saijo Denki Air Con

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