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Aum Atichart, new presenter of “Centrum Dietary Supplement Product” to call Thai to take care of health

    Bangkok 19 May 2015, Pfizer (Thailand), Consumer Healthcare Business Division, has considered healthcare is coming significant trend. Due to the lack of nutrition from each meal, supplement is another choice for those who are concerned with healthcare these days. Centrum is also one of the most well-known products for long time and nowadays, it has launched a new TVC, with image of the super star in Thailand, Apichart Chumnanon (Aum), as a new presenter, who has healthy complexion, to persuade Thai people to take care of their health in their daily life.
     Mr. Krit Matatratip General manager Pfizer (Thailand) Limited, Healthcare Business Division, Pfizer (Thailand) Ltd. said because of rapid lifestyle, most people usually have meals outside or take unhealthy fast food. So they don’t intake enough nutrition, like vitamins and minerals as needed. That is the reason why their body is weak and it causes different diseases. Also they cannot complete their activities in daily life. One option to help their body gain nutrition as needed is taking supplement product. Centrum has been acknowledged well in the market and the new product consists of benefits in 4 aspects; 1 Energy from Vitamin B1, B2, Biotin and Pantothenic acid 2. Skin Health from vitamin A, C and Niacin 3. Immunity from Vitamin C and E and Selenium 4. Brain Function from vitamin B6, 12 and Magnesium. Accordingly, it helps make you healthy overall with one tablet a day. Then, your body will be ready for any activities in daily life.
     Moreover, the official presenter for the new product is a leading actor, Atichart Chumnanon (Aum) who has good health and always takes care of his body. The new presenter, Atichart Chumnanon (Aum), said “I am the one who has different daily life styles and many activities including filming, working out, taking care of the loved one and vice versa. Then, sometimes I do not have nutrition as needed so with only one tablet of Centrum, I am ensured that my body has good and complete vitamins and minerasl to make me healthy and strong. Also, I am ready for any daily roles. Importantly, to keep healthy, we should take meal with 5 main food groups, have regular exercise and take enough rest.”
     In the meantime, Centrum Assistant Professor PhD, Akkarach Bumrungpert, a professor at faculty of Public Health Department Nutrition, Mahidol University and lecturer of anti-aging for medical students at Mae Fah Luang University to give an advice on healthcare in these days. He said “From many survey reports, it has found that only small number of Thai people has complete vitamins and minerals in daily life. However, vitamins and minerals are important components of every process in the body. Without them, the systems in the body will work non-functionally and incompletely. If it has worked this way for a long time, it causes any diseases. As far as we know, many are infected easily and rapidly. It is because they live wrong life, in terms of inappropriate rest, non-exercise, and unhealthy meals. So these days, it is important to take vitamin and mineral supplement, for good health. Let’s start it today.”
     Apart from that, one of the angel group, Janedsuda Parnto (Jane) is the master of ceremony at the press event. “With concern of health and beauty for body and complexion, I have been educated with interesting information of Centrum and it is a very good choice to boost up health for consumers.” said she.
     Last but not least, many celebrities in Thailand, like Kanagorn Hoontrakool (Tab), Chatchada Kongtoranin. M.L.Vararom Jumbalal, Nakwan Rayananonda, Katikakorn Varawana Na Ayuthaya, Monrissa Leenutaphong, Thitipong Lorprasert, Panita Sornthaitheva, Piyapan Pao-in, Kanchanita Kolasastraseni, Jessica Amornkuldilok, Kunakom Polpanitch, joining and keeping updated with the information also guaranteed the effectiveness and benefits of “Centrum Dietary Supplement Product