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50 Leading Businesses join hands to give back with Socialgiver.com “Where Living Meets Giving”

     13 May 2015 – Just over a year ago, two young Thai social entrepreneurs came up with an idea that they thought could create a widespread impact across Thailand. By offering a way for businesses to make use of ‘spare capacity’ in the service sector to engage consumers and create social impact, Arch Wongchindawest and Aliza Napartivaumnuay hope to revolutionize fundraising in order to bring sustainability and progress to our society. After research, development, and testing this innovative model, they are officially launching today.
    Aliza Napartivaumnuay
     Socialgiver.com helps consumers, businesses and social projects work together to create positive social impact. The website brings you hand-picked experiences from leading brands at exclusive rates. These experiences include luxurious hotels, restaurants and fun activities. Not only do these amazing brands give you the best rates available, but they’ll give every baht you spend toward creating impact and sustainability for causes you care about most. For example, you can book a hotel room at the best rate for your next vacation and choose to have that money put underprivileged children through school!
     Socialgiver utilizes the 'spare capacity' of the hospitality sector (which comes in the form of unfilled rooms, unserved seats, and unsold tickets). By providing a platform that helps connect brands that want to give back with new customers that are looking to make a difference; Socialgiver aims to create a ‘giving ecosystem’ that brings together people, businesses, and social projects to work together in creating a better society.

     Arch Wongchindawest
     If you’re someone who wants to try out new experiences while supporting local projects, you can get on to Socialgiver.com and pick out amazing Giftcards from Thailand’s top brands. Just by purchasing on Socialgiver, 70% of your spending will be donated to a local charity project and 30% will help Socialgiver.com bring on more businesses, more projects, and inspire more citizens to live a socially conscious lifestyle.
     On this special launch occasion, Socialgiver has joined hands with 50 leading businesses such as Sri Panwa Phuket, Siam@Siam Design Hotel, Water Library, Quince; RSM Academy,  and Escape Hunt. These ‘Giving Partners’ will be volunteering their service to raise funds for 10 projects that are creating tangible positive social and environmental impact. For example, ‘Zy Movement Foundation’ that works to empower children with physical disabilities, or ‘Love WildLife Foundation’ that protects endangered Slow Loris monkeys from animal trafficking.
      Besides winning The Global Social Venture Competition South East Asia in 2014 and The Thai Social Enterprise Awards “Change Award” in 2015, Socialgiver has recently won The Venture in Thailand and will go on to compete with 15 other social enterprises from around the world for a share of the $1 million global prize in July in the United States. You can show them your support by voting for Socialgiver on www.theventure.com/th/en/finalists/socialgiver and stay updated with their progress via facebook: www.facebook.com/socialgiver.