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Digiland dispatches “DD2U franchise truck” to local communities, a progressive move in the IT market

Digiland (Thailand) Co.,Ltd., distributor of IT products and equipments for over 22 years reinforced its leading position and continuous progression into the IT market by introducing the “DD2U Mobile IT Kiosk”, a new and creative innovation that targets entrepreneurs who are interested in franchise opportunities.
Mr.Sompong Suttichurchat, the General Manager of Digiland (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. “the company has been conducting communication business and distributing IT products and equipments since 1993. The company’s vision is to be a global player with satisfied stakeholders and effective employees. The goal is to be a fast, cost-efficient, and superior technological product wholesaler and service provider”.
In terms of management, the  company puts emphasis on the coordination among sales, marketing, and service divisions in working towards the same goal which is to serve the needs of increasingly sophisticated IT customers. In addition, the company gives importance to customer- and after-sales services by setting up teams to provide technical support and information on various products as well as creative marketing solutions.
However, the IT business at present are evolving and expanding its channel strategies to reach customers faster and faster through various channels. The company realized such changes and had began to explore new ways to reach target customers in local communities, finally, introducing the “DD2U Mobile IT Kiosk”, a new and creative innovation that increases entrepreneurs’ opportunities to display their products to customers and allowing them to have direct experiences with the products. The trucks will carry various IT products for all customers as well as allowing customers to pre-order larger products.
Mr.Sompong Suttichurchart added that “Therefore, the Demand for IT related products has subsequently in creased throughout the nation. People in big city can easily find and buy those IT-related products from store or shops in every major city’s community mall where they are see, touch test, get help to answer their question, and come back for after-sales services. There are lesser choices for those who live in smaller cities. Digiland (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. is welcome the existing reseller and also individual entrepreneurs to be part of these new business cluster. Drive the DD2U Mobile IT Kiosk into residential areas, community markets, schools, colleges, factories or simply anywhere you are able to park your DD2U Mobile store.
The DD2U-Mobile kiosk carries stocks of IT; Mobile phone; gadgets and accessories to serve everyone needs.For any large or volume orders, the DD2U mobile kiosk also can take pre-order then arrange shipment pick up. Optional delivery services could be added upon scheduling and routing.
DD2U Mobile IT Kiosks will provide an IT-easy and IT-fun world for customer across the nation, that is preinstall within-car DD2U application solution that works, both online and offline to print Sales receipts; invoices, generate daily reports of sell out; inventory; re stocking purchase order; etc. The system is backing up by Digiland (Thailand) support team.
Either enhancing your existing business or exploring new opportunities, we will help you grow and prosper.
DD2U Mobile IT Kiosk is a business of the future and forms part of the Digiland (Thailand) Ltd, group.