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Experience the ultimate fun at Thai Life Insurance Presents Thai-Japan Anime & Music Festival 5

Anime lovers’ favorite festival is back again, with Thai Life Insurance Presents Thai-Japan Anime & Music Festival 5, organized by Thai Life Insurance PCL, PTT PCL, and G Yu Creative Company Limited. The festival will take place on March 14-15, 2015, in front of Central World.
Yupares Akethuraprakalp, CEO of G Yu Creative Company Limited, said that Thai Life Insurance Presents Thai-Japan Anime & Music Festival 5 is held by Thai Life Insurance PCL, PTT PCL, and G Yu Creative Company Limited. The aim is to bring together Thai fans who love Thai and Japanese animation, soundtrack, cosplay and anime characters, so they can have a platform to express themselves freely. The festival has been held for five consecutive years.
This year, the highlight is a concert by famous anime artists from Japan including Akira Kushida, who has sung many soundtracks for anime and superhero movies such as Kiaban and Kinikuman; Faylan, who sings the theme for Canaan anime series, and Chihiro Yonekura, well-known among Gundam lovers from the soundtrack of Mobile suit GUNDUM The 08th MS Team C/W 10 YEARS AFTER, which saw record-breaking sale.
From the home front, the entertainment on stage is a mini life show by Satida Pinsinchai from AF11, and Mac Steven Fuhrer, a young actor from Channel 3 on March 14. Fans of the popular series Lovesick can meet with the leading actors and actresses who will spend two hours on the stage talking with the fans on March 15.

The event is packed with Japanese activities such as challenging games, card game techniques from Japanese experts, Doujin manga drawing techniques, voice over simulation by professional voice talents, “go” competition, and Cosplay Parade featuring many anime lovers. There is also a singing contest Anime Song Lover Contest. The two-day event is open to the public free of charge. For more information, call 086-320-5598 or visit www.gyucreative.com/thaijapananime2015