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Ann Mitchai, Then and Now of the album "LiveMyLifeMyWay"

Bangkok - 5 March 2015 - When this small baby girl was born and opened her eyes to the world, there was no immediate indication that she was in any way different from any other child.  However, her life seemed to be predestined, because after just seven days her mother brought her to the Likay hall to resume her work there.  Never left alone in the early years, she was in the good hands of all her mothers' colleagues who took turns pampering and caring for her.  One particularly enthusiastic caretaker was “A” Chaiya Mitchai, her very own wonderful, big brother.
So it can be said that Ann Mitchai's life was immersed in and revolved around the Likay folk theater and art right from the time she was born.  She likes to reflect that Likay and herself are each other's inseparable shadows.
By the time she turned five, Ann was already seriously engaged in performing Likay. Always ready to offer enjoyment to the public, she soon learnt that her greatest pride and joy came from the audiences’ smiles and happiness, their ample laughter mixed with tears, as they eagerly followed her own and the whole troupe's performance.
She mentions often that to her and her family, their single, truest contentment is derived from Likay theatre and that through this lifetime work they are able to provide help to many (orphaned) children at Sra Kaew temple (Wat Sra Kaew).
The spotlights shining year-round, evening after evening of the performing nights, is comparable to a continual promise that both her and the audience have made to one another.
The proudest achievement for Ann Mitchai is the honor of receiving an award from HM The King of Thailand as an 'outstanding folk artist and Thai culture art representative'. It was this award that inspired and propelled her to bring forth the Likay folk theater to the world.
A turning point in her life was when she was asked to 'go-global' on the road of Bollywood (Hollywood of Bombay), after the premiere of the first film she starred in, “When Love Happens”. It was the subsequent film, “Ishk Actually”, that gave her, the “New Rising Star” the chance to pair-up with one of India's top actors. Imagine, a young Thai woman claiming fame in India, right alongside Rajeev Khandelwal , India's Superstar.
Today, Ann Mitchai has reached yet another new level as a performing artist, with the auspicious timing of her debut album, released via Universal Music. This pop album “Live My Life My Way”, retains the flair of Arabian charm and character. It is both pleasure and pride that Ann Mitchai feels in presenting Thailand's crown, the Likay arts, to the global market.
Overseas media have nicknamed her, "Queen of Likay' and, rightly so, dubbed her as "Ann Mitchai: born to be a star”.

Mr.Eddie Avil from Universal India and composer of the album "LiveMyLifeMyWay".

    I First Met Ann in the late 2000's she had come to Mumbai to record some songs at my studio

we bonded instantaneously as this Thai girl was attracted towards all things Indian be it Bollywood, Hindu God "GANESHA",Culture or Tradition & she had this strong desire to sing & Act In Bollywood

somewhere deepdown i thought she was more Indian than Thai

     I Ended up Arranging/Producing 4 Hindi Tunes for her which were composed by Mr Ram

It was difficult for her to grasp Hindi language/Pronounciation in the begining but the fighter in her
wouldnt give up easily we recorded and re­recorded till both were happy with the Songs.

I was blown by her Dedication & patience of learning something new and i Think for me.... that was the start of a beautiful relation which i believe is going to be lifelong

     We worked together on her Debut Bollywood Feature film "ISHQ ACTUALLY" where i Composed/Produced the track Called "FOREVERMORE" it was a Rock Tune and Ann who had
so far in her career only sung Country music surprised me by rendering the tune like a Rock Star

    That was the time I got converted from being her Music Producer to her FAN

Ann is a Versatile Artist/Singer/Actress and she excels in it as she does it with Total Dedication love and affection there is no half measures for her

     After the Feature Film release here in India Ann was keen on doing and English Music Album
which would work Not just In India/Thailand but also Internationally

Thats how the Inception of "LIVE MY LIFE MY WAY" happened

     This Album is Ann's journey so far in the world of Music & Entertainment we have tried to be
Honest Musically and Aesthetically so that the audience/listener not just gets to enjoy the tunes that we have constructed but also feel and be part of the Journey

     I sincerely hope that this Album is well recieved in Thailand which i belive will make paths for
more and more creative colloborative offerings which blurs the Boundary of Nations that we
humans have created

     My Best Wishes to a creative colloborator & A Genuine friend for Life........All The Best Ann


Eddie Avil

Achille forler /Managing director Universal india

“The most accomplished performer that I've heard in a very long time."