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“Primetime” is Set to Satisfy Movie/TV Series Fans, with Online TV on Demand of Unparalleled Quality, Thailand’s First Operator to Integrate dts Surround 5.1 and HeadphoneX 

    Bangkok-26 February 2015- Primetime is the provider of Online TV-on-demand services that feature the amazing range of new movies, blockbusters and popular TV series. With licensed content and its contributors including six famous Hollywood studios, Primetime now launches its services for Thais’ delightful entertainment. The firm expects to attract 200,000 subscribers and earn Bt500million before the end of this year.

     Kasidit Kolasastraseni, CEO of PrimeTime Solution Co., Ltd. & PrimeTime Entertainment Co., Ltd., says Primetime is a premium online TV on demand service provider. The services are made available through Internet and Video on demand (VOD) system. Subscribing for a package means an access to more than 1,000 blockbusters and over 2,000 TV series episodes each year. All items are licensed content from quality contributors including Hollywood’s top players Walt Disney, Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, Paramount, NBC Universal and Sony Pictures. Customers can watch the content with the language of their choice. Primetime offers the choices of Thai dub, Thai subtitle, and English subtitle. Pictures are of Full HD quality, just as audio quality wows with dts Surround 5.1 and HeadphoneX (when customers have the headphone on, they will enjoy surround sound). At present, Primetime is the first and only operator in Thailand to have integrated premium quality to online services. The firm has even set its sight on introducing the Ultra HD option in the near future.

     Primetime is established for three main missions: 1) To create innovations for viewers: 2) to deliver excellent services and 3) to be a Thai firm that shines at regional as well as global stages. Kasidit says, “We are committed to delivering the best Online TV on demand services to all possible areas by bringing the most out of available communications technologies be it local Internet signal, smart phones, tablets, computers, or smart TVs. We have also strictly complied with applicable regulations and conditions set by copyright owners. Our services will allow viewers to fast access new movies and TV series. Our licensed video and audio technologies have also made us unique. We are Thailand’s first and only operator to have such premium technologies. We do hope that we will be able to learn more from our customers and prosper further with them. Our services are customers-oriented, and we plan to launch our services in other countries too.”

     Among Primetime’s strengths is its ability to bring new movies to its customers just a few days after their premieres, and also (licensed) latest TV Series episodes from the United States. Primetime customers can watch both the latest and the backlog of popular American series. Importantly, it is also very convenient to watch Primetime. The services are compatible with smart phones, Tablets, iPad, personal computers and smart TVs. Viewers can go wireless and watch the content anytime, anywhere. Primetime services are available via Primetime application, which can be downloaded from App Store for iOS system and Google Play from the Android system. Offering HD quality, Primetime can also play on TV screens with the help of a device like Apple TV, Chromecast and HDMI cables. Viewers can watch the wonderful content directly from www.GoPrimeTime.tv too.

     Kasidit adds that Primetime stands out from other service providers because it can bring new movies to its customers faster. As soon as DVDs for a movie is made available, Primetime’s customers can watch it online. In addition to the latest hits, Primetime’s library also offers a comprehensive range of the classic movies and all-time favorites. Its customers, moreover, will get opportunities to see movies that are not screened in Thailand. Fans of American TV series in particular are bound to fall in love with Primetime services because they can watch the latest episode real-time. There is no need to worry about language barrier either. Primetime is on hand to provide a Thai dub. All such services are created under the, “Ultimate Movie/TV Series Library: Primetime is Viewable Anywhere” concept.

     ​"Primetime has recruited Thailand’s video-streaming experts to our team. Thanks to their solid experiences in premium-content management and delivery, we have very efficient system to serve all target groups that cover both Thais and foreign expatriates here. Moreover, we have great partners like DNA, Comseven (iStudio, iBeat, Banana IT), LG, CTH and dts,” Kasidit says. Brain Towne, president of DTS Asia Pacific and executive vice president of DTS, says, “DTS is excited to partner with PrimeTime Solution and provide high-quality audio to their subscribers, in their homes and on their mobile device, throughout Thailand. Our incredible HeadphoneX technology will take subscribers’ personal entertainment experiences to another level by delivering 5.1 surround sound through any set of headphones”

​     For the launch of its services, Primetime has already come up with a special list of movies. Unlike what is offered by other service providers, the list includes the impressive blockbusters Big Hero 6, Lucy, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Many more movies will add to Primetime’s library soon after their premieres this year.

     Primetime has also designed its services in a way that delivers maximum convenience to customers. They can subscribe for Primetime’s services via credit cards, PayPal, banks, ATMs, Internet Banking, Counter Service and agents such as DNA, iStudio by Comseven, iBeat by Comseven, Banana IT, and Banana Mobile. Primetime offers various packages to deliver what suits each customer best. The Movie Buffet Package costs Bt199 a month, offering an unlimited access to hit movies. The New Movies + Movie Buffet Package costs Bt299 a month. The TV Series Buffet Package costs Bt299 a month. The Combo Package costs Bt549 a month, offering access to new movies, unlimited access to older hits, and TV series (Or get an annual subscription and the fee will come down to just Bt399 a month). Customers can choose whatever they want, no strings attached.