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“MGC Marine” opened to fulfill luxurious lineups for “Master Group Asia” Appointed as the sole authorized importer of AZIMUT Yachts Italy to boost marine tourism

    Bangkok -February 26th, 2015- Master Group Corporation (Asia) Limited sets out to fulfill its potential in luxurious automotive business by opening a new subsidiary company, “MGC Marine (Asia) Company Limited”. MGC Marine has recently been appointed as the sole authorized importer and distributor of “AZIMUT Yachts”, part of Azimut Benetti valued at over a billion euro for Thailand under the brand name “AZIMUT Yachts Thailand”.

     Dr. Sunhavut Thamchuanviriya, Group Managing Director Master Group Corporation (Asia) Limited or “MGC” reveals that, “Referring MGC’s business restructuring in eight categories last year, we have renewed our position as a leader among luxury automotive retailer in Thailand and ASEAN. Our business models are driven by our constructive business foundation, which focuses on expanding in all departments, from new vehicles, used vehicles, rental cars, after market services, broker insurance to IT services and personnel training and development center. And most recently, is a yacht business under the name MGC-Marine, which has been officially launched this year. The expansion continues to strengthen our leadership in luxury business. We strive to ensure growth and sustainability of business in the changing world.”

     “This year is MGC’s milestone in the new business expansion. Thailand is recognized internationally for its great potential in tourism, the marine tourism is part of the remarkable prospect thanks to its richness of natural maritime resources, diversified floras and faunas, pristine islands, as well as internationally-standardized boatyards. On top of those beneficial factors for maritime business opportunities, the Thai government has also set a policy to support Thailand as a hub for yachting shipyards. Therefore, MGC has foreseen the importance of business expansion and the development of our product portfolios. We opened MGC Marine (Asia) Company Limited, a new subsidiary company recently appointed as Thailand’s first and exclusive importer and distributor for AZIMUT Yachts under the name “AZIMUT Yachts Thailand” by appointed by Azimut Benetti (Italy), the largest network producing mega yachts and the world's leading private group in the luxury boating sector.” 
     “This year, MGC Asia has allocated an investment of Bt.300 million for purchase of AZIMUT’s luxurious yachts, along with the construction of the ‘AZIMUT Lounge’ in Pattaya and Phuket. An AZIMUT yacht has a starting price at Bt.50 million. The price range depends on the yacht’s size. We expect our complete marketing programme to drive higher demands of yachts among clients in Thailand. The distribution of AZIMUT Yachts includes standard catalog models, and made-to-order yachts. Additionally, we have invested in ‘AZIMUT LOUNGE’, an exclusive reception area providing a comprehensive range of service for AZIMUT Yachts’ customers. The first ‘AZIMUT LOUNGE’ in Thailand is officially debuted at Ocean Marina Yacht Club Pattaya, and we schedule to launch the second lounge in Phuket shortly.”
     “The ‘AZIMUT LOUNGE’ has been designed with a maritime yachting atmosphere in mind. The interior of the lounge simulates that of our finest luxury yachts. As part of our full service coverage, we have highly experienced yachting consultants to cater to clients’ discerning needs and queries. We also provide services ranging from comprehensive Yachts Financial Service served by MGC-Asia company group, long-lease service, warrantee coverage to cruise catering including crew members and captain, as well as after-sales service and technical support by AZIMUT Italy-certified experts. A specially-designed yacht maintenance programme and a notification system when maintenance is due are also available. Included as well is the brokerage service for used AZIMUT yachts which encompasses purchasing, selling and exchanging both in Thailand and abroad, in which every yacht is inspected according to AZIMUT Italy’s standards. The complete range of services is to achieve clients’ utmost satisfaction and benefit throughout their ownership period, whether through lease or purchase.
     With the company’s visionary business venture focusing the dealership for three top-end luxurious automotive brands; Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin and AZIMUT Yachts, we aim to create a close synergy of business among these brands. Our company is a major dealer in the automotive retail business - we are the authorized sole importer and distributor of the most comprehensive range of automotive vehicles. Our target group is luxury automotive connoisseurs who we already recognize in our exclusive business database. Another group is potential customers who are specifically interested in yachting and nautical activities.”, elaborates Dr. Sunhavut
     “The integration of utmost capacity of MGC-Marine and Azimut Benetti, billion-euro AZIMUT Yachts’ manufacturer enables us to keep with the growing demand for maritime travel. Azimut/Benetti is currently led by Dr. Giovanna Vitelli, the company’s owner and daughter of Azimut’s founder – Paolo Vitelli. As the world’s leader in the design and construction of luxury motor yachts serving customers at over 130 sites worldwide, Azimut Yachts boosts yacht industry and Turino tourism, establishing yacht as a popular leisure among millionaires and socialites in Europe and worldwide. Its introduction to the Thai market will yield positive results to local economy and tourism business,” Dr. Sunhavut adds.