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Special Olympics Thailand - "Muang Thong United - True Bangkok United jointly announced a charity battle for Thai Special Olympics athletes. Full of famous stars, ready to strike on July 30"

     "Kirin Pride" Muangthong United and "King God" True Bangkok United join hands to organize a charity football match "A Charity Football Match", a meeting between two giant Thai League clubs. full of famous star players, both Thai and foreign national teams On Saturday, July 30, 2022, Thunder Dome Stadium, Muang Thong Thani at 6:30 p.m. The proceeds will be donated to the Special Olympics Sports Association of Thailand (Special Olympics Thailand) for sporting. Athletes with intellectual disabilities, Thai national team
      Dr. Naris Chaiyasoot, President of the Special Olympic Sports Association of Thailand said that "Special Olympic Sports Association of Thailand It is an honor to here support this friendly football event. to raise funds for us special Olympics for the first time It is an international project that uses sport as a tool to develop people with intellectual disabilities. which is the most populous group of people with disabilities and the most socially vulnerable which Thailand has more than 2 million people."
     "Football is one of the 8 sports that the association Carrying out sports activities in Thailand We have both women's football and men's football. Thailand has also gained the trust of the Asia-Pacific Special Olympics. to host many international football tournaments."
     "I would like to thank Muangthong United and True Bangkoke United Club for organizing this friendly football match.  And invite a lot of football fans to come and watch this match."
    While Mario Yurovsky, head coach of the MU, said: "First of all, thanks to the management of both clubs for organizing this football event. Of course, football is a medium for everyone. to build friendships together whether it is a normal person or a person with disabilities in various fields"
     "The club would like to be another inspiration for our staff, athletes, and Special Olympics in Thailand. Continuing to develop into a world-class competition to build a reputation for Thailand in the future."
     "I want football fans to come and watch this match. This is considered to be a joint support of athletes at the Special Olympics in Thailand. The readiness of the team We had the opportunity to keep practicing together. Confirm that the core players will be sent onto the field. Believe that it will be a fun and exciting match. And certainly can create a new page of history."
     As for Aurelio Widmar, head coach of the BU football team, he
said, "True Bangkok United is honored to be a part of this charity football event. We believe and pride ourselves on athletes who have made a name for their country. It is considered a co-development for athletes in the Special Olympics. It has been accepted by all sectors even more."