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These include a cold-chain delivery service and a nurse-administered 
home injection service. 
The on-going COVID-19 pandemic in Thailand has made it challenging for patients with other health conditions to visit hospitals for their routine doctor’s appointments. To ensure the continuity of care for patients with osteoporosis, the Faculty of Medicine, Vajira Hospital has collaborated with biotechnology company Amgen (Thailand) Limited to implement two initiatives to provide home-based services for these patients. 
In line with Vajira Hospital’s drive to provide reliable healthcare support for patients at home, these initiatives will include a cold chain delivery of selected temperature-controlled medicines and a home injection service administered by qualified nurses. 

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mason Poramatikul, Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Vajira Hospital said that these initiatives will cover end-to-end services for osteoporotic patients, including temperature-controlled cold-chain delivery and nurse-administered injections of treatments at home. 

He added that Vajira Hospital is one of the first in Thailand to launch these services catering to the needs of the elderly patients who have difficulties leaving their homes to seek treatment. Supported by well-designed care processes and high standards, the initiatives aim to provide the patients with convenience and quality care from the safety of their homes. 

Ms Pattaraporn Vimonwatvetee, General Manager, Amgen (Thailand) said the company is committed to supporting osteoporosis patients and is delighted to partner with Vajira Hospital. These initiatives will enable patients to continue receiving treatments and care support that will help maintain their health and well-being while staying safely at home. The company will be working with Zuellig Pharma Co, Ltd, a leading pharmaceutical distributor on the logistics.
In addition to these home-based care initiatives, Vajira Hospital also recently launched the “Vajira@Home - Far but Near, From Hospital to your Home” mobile application which enables patients to access to a wide range of services offered by the hospital. For more information, please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzvBH3JfJG8