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RS Group gets COOLISM on a rocket to create a new S curve and unveils the 3-river strategy to boost the growth

Around 5-6 years in retrospect, marketing and advertising professionals would say that “radio is dying.” This is because the disruption trend is replacing many a radio station. A handful of surviving radio stations is facing a decline in revenue. Amid the crisis, the radio and television business under RS Group, thanks to its robust Entertainmerce strategy, is thriving in contrast with the declining trend of the traditional media. Moreover, since Channel 8 launched the 4-legged chair strategy, the business has witnessed the most substantial success. Just recently, RS Group has declared to upgrade this coolness in hopes to reach the new S curve in celebration of the 15th anniversary of COOLISM by combining the highlights and strengths of RS Group’s subsidiaries to achieve the harmonious, powerful, and sustainable synergy.
Mr. Surachai Chetchotisak, Chief Executive Officer of RS Group, said, “COOLfahrenheit, a subsidiary of RS Group, has been rated the number one music station for over two decades. Even in the digital disruption era, the rating and audience of COOLfahrenheit are constantly increasing, hitting new highs on the radio station. The number of audiences has exceeded two million in May 2020. RS Group sees the golden opportunity of the COOLfahrenehit community with more than 3.8 audiences. We understand their lifestyle very well. Also, listening media fills the need for lazy marketing and behavior of the current generation. So, this type of media can blend in their lifestyle seamlessly. We do business upon the actual advantage and, thus, launch the “3-river strategy” where COOLISM is comparable to the ocean that receives the continuous current of incoming water.”
The 3-river strategy classifies incomes into three sources and minimizes dependence on a particular source. This will keep the business risk at a minimum. It is believed that this strategy will push COOLISM to reach the new S curve, driving the station to a high leap, uninterrupted and sustainable growth.
River 1: COOLfahrenheit is the number one radio station for over 15 years. The audience bases are on COOLISM application and www.coolism.net. COOLfahrenehit is a living proof that the radio business, in general, might have been dead, but the quality music station never perishes, but instead holds a firm ground to attract more and more audiences.
River 2: COOLive upgrades the concert and event businesses. COOLive has been trusted by concertgoers and sponsors to host major concert events and music festivals.
River 3: COOLanything operates the commerce business that turns audiences into customers. COOLanything creates a good experience in shopping by offering the products and services that satisfy customers’ need through the COOLISM application. This is the modern upstream platform for online shopping that hits the popular trend.
Mr.Prinn Muensuksaeng, Head of COOLISM, explained that “at COOLfahrenheit as the first river, we aim at maintaining the audience base and increasing engagement by producing the right music and lifestyle content and organizing activities to impress the audiences. We link our activities and prizes with the CRM system in the form of COOLdegree. So far, our COOL Js are viewed as the best buddies. Our activities are so carefully selected that customers spread the words of mouth, resulting in more and more fans. Eventually, we are able to attract more sponsorships from other businesses.”
“In the meantime, COOLive has met overwhelmingly positive feedback from audiences and sponsors from RAPTOR and D2B concerts. The past success is attributable to the artists and our exclusive professionalism as the organizer. Promotions of these events were made on COOLfahrenehit, the community of these artists’ fan base along with other media platforms. This year, we are planning to organize KAMIKAZE PARTY 2020 concert. We have received positive feedback even before the COVID-19 pandemic. However, our organizing team is preparing to host the concert with the new normal lifestyle. We believe that when the situation settles, we will be fully prepared to organize the concert.”
“The last one of the 3-river strategy turns audiences into buyers through the platform of COOLanything. On this platform, the audiences can listen to music and shopping online at the same time on COOLISM application. In the early phase, the Company aims at members of our community because we know how to choose the products that suit their likes and lifestyles.”
Mr. Surachai added at the end, saying “in the 3-river strategy, the incomes are from each river almost equally, namely COOLfahrenheit 35%, COOLive 30%, and COOLanything 35%. This business model is expected to establish the substantial growth to COOLism by the end of this year and drives the radio business into a new S curve by 2021.