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dtac Launches Business Survival Solutions for the COVID-19 Crisis

Worry-free internet and productivity tools target SME needs
     April 14, 2020 – In an open-ended survey, dtac consulted over 700 people across nearly 50 businesses on their top needs during the COVID-19 crisis. What emerged is that smaller businesses are particularly unprepared for stable, effective work from home solutions. dtac is responding with new Business Survival Solutions to address these concerns.

     The top three most cited topics from interviewees were:
  • Many employees do not have installed stable Wi-Fi or internet connections in their homes or in their hometowns. Lack of a stable internet connection at home makes effective remote work, such as video conferencing, unreliable.
  • Employees expect their organizations to subsidize their home internet costs. Even employees with home internet are concerned their Wi-Fi is already overburdened by too many devices from the rest of the family. Hence the need for a dedicated “work-from-home” connection.
  • The use of free applications for remote work has seen double- and triple-digit growth, with video conferencing massively increasing users’ data consumption. In addition to the need for larger data allowances for their employees, SMEs don’t always have Microsoft Office licenses to offer secure alternative to commonly used free apps to their employees.
     In response to the survey, Rajiv Bawa, Head of Business Group of Total Access Communication Public Company Limited (dtac) said, “Many companies are focusing on the growing trend of global mobility, enabling employees to work remotely and reinforcing their IT infrastructure to support these arrangements. Reliable and high-performance internet connectivity with workforce collaboration platforms are the key to support this new way of work. dtac Business Survival solutions is being introduced to empower companies and their employees to maintain productivity while staying worry-free. Our Business Survival solutions are added on to support our Work from Home offerings. Previously we have the solutions include an internet package to support work from home or alternate sites, in addition to COVID-19 insurance and a powerful network solution that allows secured remote connections to access corporate enterprise or cloud applications.”

     dtac is offering three Business Survival solutions:

     1. Maintain stable internet connection and ensure productivity with a pocket Wi-Fi
  • A special model of pocket Wi-Fi supporting 2,300 MHz with 8Mbps internet SIM
  • 399 baht/month internet package.
  • 1-year warranty for D-link 4G LTE Mobile Router DLK-DWR-932C
  • Available for registration from now until September 30, 2020
     2. Work anytime, anywhere with six-month free Microsoft Office E1 package
     Six-month free Microsoft Office E1 package to help dtac corporate customers keep going. The package includes prominent features in Office 365 E1, including:
  • Exchange : Emails, calendars and business address book with a mailbox size of 50 GB per user
  • OneDrive : 1 TB of storage and shared folder per user
  • SharePoint : A web-based content management platform to store, share and organize information.
  • Teams : Online meetings and video meetings that allow a maximum number of 250 participants, in addition to file transfer, sharing and collaborative editing.
  • Yammer : A secure, internal social network
  • Stream : A video storage and sharing service to upload, view, and share videos securely
     Available for registration from now until April 30, 2020 (valid for 6 months)

     3. Unlimited data on the most-used work applications in Thailand.
     The package covers free of charge usage of Zoom, Microsoft Office 365, and LINE for the corporate customers registering for new numbers.
  • Free use of Zoom, Office 365, LINE for 180 days
  • Promotion period is April 1 – May 31, 2020.
     For more information about ‘dtac Business Survival Solutions,’ visit www.dtac.co.th/business/covid19, or call 088-188-1678. For dtac numbers, dial *1806.