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Material Solution, transforming ideas, opening new windows of business opportunity At STYLE Bangkok October 2019, runs until 21 October at BITEC

     As consumers’ behaviors and lifestyles are evolving, to stay ahead and be successful, lifestyle producers must keep pace. Therefore, enhancing competitiveness for Thai entrepreneurs to compete in global arena is crucial. Lifestyle products that are a combination of creativity, culture, demands and lifestyle set to showcase at STYLE Bangkok October 2019, takes place until 21 October 2019 at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC), Bangna. Apart for a wide spectrum of designs, the five-day fair also features a series of insightful seminars and consultation to help sharpen competitive edge of entrepreneurs. 
     During the Material Solution seminar, Japanese expert on lifestyle products design Junya Kitagawara disclosed that “From my experience in giving consultation and taking local producers to join international trade fairs in the past years, I have observed that market for finished lifestyle products has shrunk while the market for materials are significantly increasing especially in foreign markets. This is the reason why DITP initiated the Material Solution project to grab that immense opportunity in this emerging market. By giving advice on market trends and insights, the project aim to enhance visions of entrepreneurs to think outside the box. Instead of producing and selling finished products, they should focus more on the development of materials and production techniques.  
     Handicrafts is not only influencing the Asian design. Even though in present time, more advanced machinery is involved, but people are long for their root, traditional handicrafts, though it might not last as long as factory-made products but the beauty of craft is ever lasting. Handicrafts spur the sense of intricacy, craftsmanship that passed down from generations, making traditional handicraft a unique charm. Material Solution project offers Thai producers techniques in presenting products, creating outstanding and original designs, and produce value-added products. These techniques will help them embark into new target, penetrate new market, increase sales by using the 3 techniques to thrive business: know your market, know global trends, and know production techniques. Entrepreneurs know thoroughly these techniques have high chance to grow business. Ones must bear in mind the ideas of Innovation and Solutions as buyers behaviors continue to change and they always look for new ideas and the privilege to own sought after items.  
     Showcased at the Material Solution exhibition, located at Hall 98 of BITEC were products of Thai furniture brands joining the project and have successfully make their business collaborations with buyers. Among notably brands are Wasoo, a sustainable product made from upcycle agricultural materials such as rice straw to create rice straw pad for interior decoration; THAIS ECOLEATHERS showcased the newest leather recycled innovation using materials from leftover leather from factories to create unique and distinctive interior leather; Bambunique, a leading manufacturer of bamboo furniture displayed classic contemporary and unique aesthetic of bamboo materials for interior & décor; A Gift from Nature, handmade and handicraft flowers from natural raw materials turning to create home decorative items reflecting an artistic and original feeling. 
Interested parties can contact the Department of International Trade Promotion, Office of Lifestyle Trade Promotion at Tel +66 (0) 2507 8330, E-mail rachaneewong@gmail.com or visit the Material Solution zone, booth 98 at the STYLE Bangkok October 2019, runs today until 21 October 2019 from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. at BITEC, Bangna. For more information, visit www.stylebangkokfair.com or dial DITP Call Center 1169.