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Aritco Home Lift Flagship Showroom in Thailand

Aritco (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the sole distributor and installer of Swedish “Aritco” home lifts underlines its leadership in home lift market with the investment of over 100 million baht to launch a new showroom in the heart on Bangkok on Rama III Road. The gallery-like showroom will display a variety of home lifts in relaxing co-working space atmosphere. It will also function as the Data Center to house engineering team for real-time after sales services. Aritco expects sales to grow by 100% over the next three years with lift sales rise from 1,000 to 2,000 units through the opening of new showrooms in major cities nationwide.
Mr. Tana Sripongtanakul, Managing Director of Aritco (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said the company has become the sole distributor and installer of Aritco home lifts from Sweden in Thailand since 2012, with products priced starting from 1 million baht a unit, targeting customers with contemporary lifestyle and the desire to facilitate all family members. The products are well-accepted among a wide group of customers, as proven by the constant growth in sales to more than 1,000 units over the seven-year period.
In order to cater for the lifestyle of new-generation customers who usually seek for the convenience, the safety as well as the esthetic design that become the truly smart solution for "home lift", coupled with the rising of aging population in the near future, the company has invested over 100 million baht to create a new “Flagship Showroom” on Rama III Road. It will become the gallery to showcase different models of home lifts to create comprehensive solutions to best match all customers’ demands. Customers can experience Aritco home lifts at this showroom in relaxing co-working space atmosphere that equipped with all facilities every day, and be served with beverages of their choice. The showroom will also function as the Data Center, where engineering teams are stationed to offer after sales services with real-time surveillance system employing the advanced computerized technology, to ensure that all Aritco lifts are in perfect conditions 24 hours. Besides, the Flagship Showroom in Bangkok, the company plans to build more showrooms in major cities such as Chiang Mai, Khon Kaen, Chon Buri and Phuket. Aritco aims to become the leader in home lift market with sales to double over the next three years, from 1,000 to 2,000 units.
Mr. Martin Idbrant, Chief Executive Officer of Aritco Lift AB, Sweden, said after the company had appointed Aritco (Thailand) Co., Ltd to import, install and market the Aritco products for over seven years, the company firmly believed that Aritco (Thailand) would lead the strength of Aritco brand to grow sustainably in the long term.
The Thai executives had broad vision so far with knowledge and experience in the management to uplift quality of life of Thai people to be on par with international standard. The professional engineering teams for installation and after sales service were ready to provide maintenance under the warranty period. Therefore, the products had been increasingly recognized from customers.
“The company is ready to be cooperative in all aspects and will continue to be innovative in the development of lift technology to support Aritco (Thailand) to remain at the forefront of home lift market in the country,” said Mr. Idbrant.
The latest model of Aritco Home Lift is designed by prominent Scandinavian designer Alexander Lervik. It is the first of its kind to be meticulously designed to really serve the application in residence. Aritco is the world’s leader in manufacturing of home lifts for home installation, building lifts or platform lifts for public spaces. The company has manufactured and installed more than 35,000 units worldwide, having over 140 trading partners from more than 40 countries in all continents.