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All Inspire together with 2 leading Japanese partners; launched Impression Ekkamai, luxury residence project value worth 4,800MB

All Inspire Development Public Company Limited formed a remarkable joint venture with 2 leading property developers from Japan: Hoosiers Holdings and Kyushu Railway Company in launching the luxurious residential project, “Impression Ekkamai” tailor-made to top tier customers in the heart of Ekkamai area while meeting demands for 2-bedroom units for either residential and rental purposes, with luscious starting price at 7.9 million Baht. The total investment is 4,800 million Baht.
Mr. Thanakorn Thanawarith, Chief Executive Officerof All Inspire Development PCL., revealed that All Inspire’s strengths as being professional developer for residential project who offers prestigious design that primarily emphasizes on our customers’ true demands which has proven track of driving a guaranteed continual growth in sales. Thus, partnering with the 2 leading Japanese companies; Hoosiers Holdings and Kyushu Railway Company empowered All Inspire’s considerable potential and expertise in real estate development by joining great force formed a joint venture with All Inspire Development PCL., becoming AHJ Ekkamai Company Limited; initial registered capital of 100 million Baht, stake holders are 51% by All Inspire, 29% by Hoosiers Holdings, and 20% by Kyushu Railway Company.
Hoosiers Holdings and Kyushu Railway Company are 2 Japan’s leading property developers with extensive experience as well as expertise in adopting cutting-edge technology and innovation both in architectural designs and utility space management. They also do have highly efficient design and quality control team.  Simultaneously,All Inspire Development PCL. has been determined to develop more projects adjacent to the areas of rail transport stations as well as other potential areas.  Nevertheless, All Inspire had designed and developed unique projects that emphasizes on styles of living in today’s modern world. Therefore, such shared knowledge and effective collaboration between the 3 companies on this joint venture has strengthened business capacity and capitalized on growing property development demand at an international level.
“Impression Ekkamai” is the luxury residential iconic project under the concept of “BORN TO STAND OUT,” targeting high-end customers. All Inspire aims to make this project to complete what we call “luxury-living residence” in Ekkamai area providing top class facilities and its prime location that easily access to Ekkamai BTS Station at the starting price of 7.9 million Baht for 2-bedroom units. The design of Impression Ekkamai development project inspired by the letter ‘A’ originating from logo of All Inspire Development PCL.  The high-rise project comprise of 380 units on the 2-3-3.9 rai land. The project is divided into 2 residential buildings: 25-storey building and 43-storey building, with 16-storey auto-car park building. The project has the total value of 4,800 million Baht.
Impression Ekkamai has various room types: 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, Duplex, and Penthouse, room sizes start from 30 sq.m to 183 sq.m  Mr. Thanakorn elaborates that All Inspire’s development project team conducted deep analysis and the findings points out that 2-bedroom units are highly demanded both residential and rental purposes.  
The 6 key selling points of the project are;
1) Ceiling of 2.9 meter high        
2) Building A and B are connected; easy access to the facilities
3) 85% Auto Parking with Super Car parking and EV Charger
      4) VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow); air-conditioning system with compressor installed in central area rather than the terrace of each unit, providing more space.
5) Jacuzzi in the Duplex units
6) Effective and multi-function utility space
All Inspire is now ready to show our beautiful luxury unit for customers and ready to take registry for an eligibility to purchase Impression Ekkamai unit at special price.  Please visit us at Sales Gallery or visit www.impressionekkamai.com 
For more information: contact 02 029 9999
Hoosiers Holdings is a leading Japan - based holding company. The Company has operated in various business segments and has gained high accountability for over the past 24 years. These segments are condominium, houses, apartments, real estates for business, senior residence, and other businesses related to real estates. Annually, the Company invest approximately 31.9 billion Baht in development project construction while its total annual sales is 16.7 billion Baht, which is listed in the 1st section of the Japan’s stock market.
Kyushu Railway Company was established after Japan’s national railway revolution in 1987. The Company has gained high accountability from people in Kyushu with its wide range of railways in the city. Its operation has been highly effective and has tapped on a variety of businesses such as transportation, real estates, retail food and service, and subcontracts. The Company was registered in the stock market in 2016. Currently, its total revenue is about 118 billion Baht. Its total value of all property is over 200 billion Baht (as of the 2017 fiscal year) and the market capital is at about 170 billion Baht (as of January 31, 2019). This collaboration is considered the first joint venture with Thai property company.