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Heroes of Thailand debuts in Bangkok

Song and music video pays tribute to the heroes - divers, rescue workers, officials and volunteers of the Wild Boars cave rescue
     October 16th 2018, Bangkok - Today marks the official launch of Heroes of Thailand, a song and music video produced by Thailand-based British Executive Producer Will Robinson, to honor the sacrifice and efforts of the divers, rescue workers, officials and volunteers who rescued the 12 young Mu Pa Academy (Wild Boar) footballers and their coach at the Tham Luang cave in Tham Luang-Khun Nam Nang Non Forest Park, Chiang Rai.
     Proceeds from all the download and streaming sales of this song will be donated to Childlife Mae Sai (Baan Nana), Chiang Rai.
     Will, who is also the CEO of Hong Kong based record label Tune Asia Limited, has over 25 years’ experience in the music industry from promoting Leo Sayer, Rose Royce, The Pasadenas and many more. Will also penned the full length version of "Glory Glory Man United" in 2008 which became a hit with Old Trafford featuring Korean violinist Jenny Bae. He also wrote “Red is the man” for Sir Alex Ferguson’s 25th anniversary at Old Trafford and “Chico is the Man” for Mexican football star Javier Hernandez which was a collaboration with Jose Feliciano and Daniel Ryan.
     “I co-wrote a song for Bryan Robson, former manager of the Thai national football team and former captain of Manchester United and England football team called “Hero” with British composer Daniel Ryan about seven years ago. The song has a strong melody and after the heroic rescue at Tham Luang cave, I thought this song would make a nice tribute to all the volunteers, rescue workers, divers and others who helped in this rescue mission. I had to change the lyrics and the story of the song and had it translated to the northern Thai dialect,” said Will.
     “I previously worked on a project on Thai music called “The Isan Project” which was an album of collaboration of Thai and Western artists. I started to record some parts for “Heroes of Thailand” and went into the studio and things evolved. The song was recorded in Manchester, London, Singapore and Bangkok and features vocalist Ronnarong Khampha, who is a Lanna dancer and actor from Phayao, a province north of Thailand,” pointed out the producer.
     Will explained that the making of the song and video has been an interesting journey.
     “My original idea was to have Ronnarong, together with musicians and dancers, to perform the song whilst walking towards the mountains in the north of Thailand where they would make a camp fire, but I loved the bridge of the song and felt it was very powerful. I thought it would be a good idea to feature some of the heroes,” Will added.
     “I am honoured to be part of this charitable project so I can share the Lanna art and culture through music,” shared Ronnarong, adding, “the lyrics convey the message of gratitude to all local and international volunteers who were involved in the rescue of the footballers and their coach. Every person is a hero.”
     Heroes of Thailand can be bought on iTunes and all other major digital retailers and streaming services.

About Tune Asia Limited
     Tune Asia Limited is a Hong Kong based record label specialising in creating and developing their musical ideas. The company has online marketing and sales of music distributing to 250 digital stores in 140 countries around the world. Tune Asiaʼs catalogue has sold over 3 million downloads and one hundred million streams which includes the song “Glory Glory Man United”. The company has successfully had chart entries in the USA, Mexico, Canada, UK, Europe and in Asia. Clients include Malaysia Pop Idol Winner Jaclyn Victor, Manchester United, Erik Hargrove of the James Brown Band, Gwen Dickey of Rose Royce, Cleo Higgins of Cleopatra, Rose Jang and Errol Reid of China Black.

     The company was founded by Will Robinson, a British Executive Producer who has over 25 years experience in the music industry from promoting Leo Sayer, Rose Royce, The Pasadenas and many more. CEO Will Robinson has collaborated artists such as Bee Gee ‘Robin Gibbʼ and he has extensive knowledge music economy.

Will Robinson
Executive producer and lyricist
Tune Asia Limited
     Since 1993, Will Robinson has been developing and promoting talent. He is also an executive producer and lyricist. Will comes from a musical family, his mother being a piano teacher, his brother a successful producer and hisfathersang a duet with the late Louis Armstrong at the Free Trade Hall inManchester.

     At the age of only 19 years old Will was the Personal Assistant to exworld Snooker Champion Alex "Hurricane" Higgins. He was to set up his own talent agency todevelop new singing talent, one of his first signings was Russell Watson who he developed with RCA scout Derek Brandwood at Autograph which led to Russell's deal with Universal Records in London. After a successful management spell with Derek, Will's agencystarted to sign recording artists from overseas and his roster began to attract some major names in music. By now he was promoting Gwen Dickey of Rose Royce, Leo Sayer, The Pasadenas, Liberty X, and working on tours withJames Brown, Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis.

     In 2005 Will formed a production company with Bee Gee "Robin Gibb" to develop new ideas which led to start of a creative relationship with Robin's producer Michael Graves. Will also worked on Robin's album "Magnet" and his lead single "Please". He also managed young singer songwriter "Daniel Ryan" who he signed to Guy Fletcher at MCS.

     Will created the UK's No1 Salsa Festival "Salsa Kingdom" between 2008-2011 and also the Antigua Salsa Festival in Antigua which was a joint venture with the Tourism Minister and the Antiguan Government.He co-developed a salsamusical inNew York with "Dancing with the Stars" choreographer Maria Torres. The Magic of Salsa Kingdom was to preview on Broadway and travel to the UK. The musical won the support of actress "Vanessa Williams" and starred Salsa World Champions from "Tito Y Tamara" from Puerto Rico "Adriana Y Anita" from Spain and "Anissa Gathers" from off Broadway musical "Celia”.

     In 2009 Will formed "The World Red Army" a new pop group which was to collaborate with Manchester United fans worldwide and make an album. The album "Manchester United 20" was launched in 2013 after international collaborations including in New York City and in Kuala Lumpur with Malaysian Pop Idol winner "Jaclyn Victor".

     Will penned the full length version of "Glory Glory Man United" in 2008 which became a hit with Old Trafford featuring Korean violinist Jenny Bae, the popular lyrics of the song were secured for use in the Manchester United official Chevrolet advert forthe new kit launch in 2014-2015 and the song isstill aired twice at every home game at the Theatre of Dreams. He also wrote “Red is the man” for Sir Alex Ferguson’s 25th anniversary at Old Trafford and “Chico isthe Man” for Mexican starJavier Hernandez which was a collaboration with Jose Feliciano and Daniel Ryan.

     "Will is currently working on various new projects in the studio including one for Korean Opera Singer "Rose Jang"and a new version of Glory Glory Man United called "Glory Glory Man united 2". Will also completed an album he co-wrote called "The Isan Project" www.theisanproject.com which was a collaboration of artists from UK, USA and Thailand.

Ronnarong (Ong) Khampha
     Ronnarong (Ong) Khampha is a dancer/choreographer from Northern Thailand.

     Captivated by Lanna dance when he was young, he later graduated with an honors degree in Thai arts from Chiang Mai University in 2005.

     Although his background is traditional, Khampha's
focus is on contemporary performance. He has developed his own style using old-style dance as the base, venturing into new aesthetics.

     Khampha studied Javanese and Balinese dance in Solo (Surakarta), Indonesia for two years (2006-08), and Japanese Noh Drama for six months in Kyoto (2010). Khampha has performed solo and collaborated with artistsfrom Thailand, America, Japan, Korea, Australia and Indonesia, and in dance festivals in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia.