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“ETDA” launches Institute of Future Economy & Internet Governance Pioneered Executive Program Seeking to Drive Organizations to Strive in Digital Economy

“ETDA” launched the Institute of Future Economy and Internet Governance as a platform that focuses on the learning process and transforms into policy recommendations that can further be used to develop the country. The Institute has embarked on its first “Future Economy & Internet Governance Executive Program (FEGO #1)”, aiming to strengthen capacities for professional leaders and executives from diverse fields in both public and private sectors in applying digital technology to drive their organization to strive in the Digital Economy era and respond to the long-term national strategy towards Thailand 4.0.
Professor Dr. Surakiart Sathirathai, Chairman of the Advisory Board to the Committee on the Institute of Future Economy and Internet Governance revealed that the Electronic Transactions Development Agency (Public Organization) or ETDA, Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, has established the Institute of Future Economy and Internet Governance to serve as a platform that encourages learning process, discussion and Think Tank that can perform effective advocacy from multi-disciplinary perspectives. The process further brings multi-disciplinary body of knowledge to foster policy recommendations or best practices which can most benefit the country development.
As the first mission, the Institute has designed the Future Economy and Internet Governance – Executive Program (FEGO) which has integrated the body of multi-disciplinary knowledge between experienced and emerging leaders from both public and private organizations. Each program participant would take an active role as both learner and instructor to exchange ideas from different perspectives.  The program largely focuses on “big-picture thinking,” “problem framing and understanding obstacles,” and “deepening the knowledge” which can help expand the knowledge and experiences of the key persons across multiple sectors and further bring greater benefits the country development.
Mrs. Surangkana Wayuparb, CEO of Electronic Transactions Development Agency (Public Organization) or ETDA stated that Future Economy and Internet Governance Executive Program (FEGO) is a new program specially designed for training the executives in public and private organizations on the application of digital technology to drive their organizations and fully embrace the era of Digital Economy.
The program consists of 3 interesting themes that can keep the participants abreast of emerging trends in digital era as follows. 1. Getting to Be “Digital Transformer” focuses on preparing the participants to be ready to transform their lives to keep up to date with the technology, understand the powerful influence of social media and enjoy learning from case studies such as next generation executive, bloggers and youtubers who are all the leading influencers in Thailand. 2. Bird’s- eye View over Disruptive Technology encourages the big picture thinking and in-depth in some significant matters such as Pure Technology, Innovation (Cloud Computing, AI, Blockchain, Big Data, Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, Quantum Technology) and New Business Model (e-Commerce, FinTech, Cryptocurrency, Global Platform and Case Studies from Unicorn Startup). 3. Look Beyond Disruptive Technology and Deep Dive into Policy and Legal Issue, and Internet Governance empowers the participants concerning topics such as policy issues, the complexity, the limitations of laws as well as other social issues that require social mobilization to governance for improved society.
The FEGO program #1 is to be held between 21 September and 29 November 2018. The sessions take place once every week, 36 hours in total. ETDA has invited the guest lecturers with deep expertise and experiences in digital technology to share with the participants. The program also enables to facilitate the learning process in which every participant takes turn assuming the role of learners and instructors, which offers unique opportunity for everyone to share their ideas in a way that has been untapped in other program platforms.
The FEGO program #1 will be participated by 50 executives from public, private and independent organizations. This program, this, provides an opportunity for every participant to keep up with and not be afraid of technology, able to apply new techniques from Young Blood guest lecturers, who are the new wave Start-up entrepreneurs before passing to those practitioners in the organization under their supervision to enhance their efficiency as well as the organization competitiveness in the Digital Economy era. This program corresponds to ETDA’s strategic plan in strengthening knowledge and fostering practical application of digital technology among Thai entrepreneurs to enhance their competitiveness and create jobs for Thai people while urging these enterprises to adapt to changes and fully embrace the country’s progression towards the digital era, generating economic value added to the country. Besides, the initiative is specially designed in response to the government's policy to drive the country towards Thailand 4.0 in which the application of digital technology plays a significant role in stimulating domestic and international investment in digital in the future,” affirmed Mrs. Surangkana.

In addition, after the FEGO program #1, ETDA plans to pursue its next step to organize different platforms whether it be Open Forum or Dinner Talk to share experiences and ideas more widely to the public audience. This initiative can also expand the outcomes of FEGO program by promoting economic and legal perspectives while introducing important measures related to the area. The Institute can also capitalize on the takeaways from these post program platforms to further design the next executive program for the benefit of the prospective participants in the future.