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SPCG announces Sales & Service Authorized Partnership between SPCG Public Company Limited and SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA), Germany

On August 30, 2018, SPCG appointed the subsidiary companies which are Solar Power Engineering Co., Ltd. (SPE) as the authorized sales partner and Solar Power Roof Co., Ltd. (SPR) as the authorized Service partner of SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA), Germany since July, 2018. SPCG is the pioneer and leading company in both Solar Farm and Solar Roof business in Thailand and ASEAN.
The SMA Group with sales of around €900 million in 2017 is a global leader for solar inverters, a key component of all PV plants. SMA offers a wide range of products and solutions that allow for high energy yields for residential and commercial PV systems and large-scale PV power plants. To increase PV efficiency, SMA system technology can easily be combined with different battery technologies. Intelligent energy management and digital energy solutions, comprehensive services and operational management of PV power plants round off SMA’s range. SMA Solar Technology AG, has been listed on the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (S92).
Dr. Wandee Khunchornyakong Juljarern, Chairperson and CEO of SPCG said that SPCG believes in the quality and performance of SMA inverter due to advanced technology and their international reputation. SMA inverter is the only brand that SPCG has ever used in every Solar Farm and Solar Rooftop projects. SMA was seeking for a strategic partner in Indo-China area. Knowing that SPCG has already installed more than 60% of all SMA inverters installed in Thailand, SMA decides to go forth with the SPCG. Therefore, both SPCG and SMA see the opportunities to start the authorized Sales & Service Partnership. Thus, SPE and SPR (subsidiary companies of SPCG) has been appointed as the Sales & Service Authorized Partnership. SPE will look after all sales activities of SMA family products in the Indo-China area; Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. Meanwhile, SPR will provide service and maintenance to SMA customers in Thailand.
Mr.Rakesh Khanna Managing, Director of SMA India said that SPE will become the Authorized Sales Agent of SMA. Previously, some of the customers faced communication problems such as language barrier and time zone difference of each country so they did not get the convenience in term of contact and service. So SPE, working closely with SMA India, will support communications, to ensure that all customer will get a better service and solutions. SPE operation will first focus on the Thai Market and then will expand our sales operation to the rest of Indo-China.
Dr. Wandee said that SPR, the authorized service partnership, will get the advantage as a major inverter customer. Firstly, confidence in the excellent service provided by SMA; as they are famous for their good and fast service and also having a long term warranty. Once SPR takes on the role of customer service, SMA customers can be assured that they will get the same standard service as SMA. Secondly, organized delivery operations; SPR will keep and maintain the same standard of delivery to every customer. Lastly, proficiency in service knowledge: our service engineers have been trained by SMA Germany’s professional technician to level up in depth knowledge and improve their ability to conduct service and maintenance for SMA inverters. From this point of view, SPR can take this advantage to gain more revenue to the company.
Mr.Joseph Helweg Head of Global Service Operations APAC said that SMA Service in Thailand has been accepted as a good and fast service provider. When SPR becomes Service Authorized Partnership, SPR will continue to provide the same service standard. SPR Service engineers were certified after indepth trainings by SMA Germany’s professional technician so can be sure that SPR service will provide the same standard service as SMA.  Call center will be dedicated to SPR service by providing preliminary solutions to all problems. Thus, customer will receive the highest satisfaction and prompt action by our service.