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CDG celebrates 50th anniversary with a bigger goal to support Thailand’s digital transformation

17 July 2018Embarking on the 6th decade of its operations, CDG, a leading IT solution and digital service provider, sets a goal to support Thailands transformation into an advanced economy and sustainable society and to make the country ready for the five global trends through comprehensive offerings of IT and digital technologies.
Mr. Nart Liewcharoen, Chief Executive Officer, CDG Group, said, The world is changing fast due to technology disruption. According to EY’s The Upside of Disruption, there are five mega trends that will affect the way people do business, economy, society, culture and way of life. And, with our 50 full years of experience in delivering powerful digital technology solutions to organizations in both public and private sectors, we are more than ready to empower the country with enhanced capabilities that will successfully transform the country under Thailand 4.0 model.”
He explained that the five megatrends that will the country, as well as the rest of the world, would face are: 1) the Future of Smart, 2) Behavioral revolution, 3) Empowered Citizen, 4) Urban World and 5) Resourceful Planet.  
The Future of Smart refers to the time when automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology replace several human works, such as marketing strategy plan and implementation, which is mostly seen in logistics, medical, services, banking, e-commerce activities, such as the patient monitoring system using intelligent sensor to check the biological changes, analyze the result and diagnose symptoms before making an accurate prediction of the persons symptoms.

The second trend is the Behavioral Revolution which means individuals behavioral change and brands will have to monitor such changes on online channel. This will enable them to customize their offerings to best address their changing needs. In addition, such consumer behavior changes will lead to social change as seen in young generations behaviors.

The third trend, Empowered Citizen, underlines the peoples power to change. The cooperation among the government, private sector and the people should be encouraged in order to promote social innovation creation and the development of smart citizen”. In Europe, for example, the people are encouraged to participate in proposing new laws and regulations through online channel, and transparent and sufficient information disclosure is promoted.

Urban World, the fourth trend, means that small towns will be developed with a vision. In the future, cities will be equipped with smart infrastructure and innovative digital technology that enhances convenience and security level in the society, leading to better quality of life of the people. This is seen in the development of Smart City in many countries.

The last trend is Resourceful Planet. Innovations will be in high demand, especially in the area of alternative energy, IoT and machine Learning. In the future, solar cells will become widely adopted, for example, giving consumers more choices of source of energy and income generated from sales of excess power supply.
The trends are unavoidable,said Nart. “The government, state enterprises and even the private sectors have to face such changes and increase their capabilities to cope with them and to better address the peoples changing needs. Thailand 4.0 initiative is part of the governments attempt to prepare and take advantage on these trends in order to strengthen national competitiveness.”
Considering that majority of its customers are government organizations and state enterprises, CDG aims to bring the latest technology and innovations to help its customers cope with the new trends. At the same time, CDG will continue to upgrade its leadership positioning through five key directions accelerating knowledge and competency of its people, introducing creative and practical solutions based on innovative technologies, offering the right solutions that promotes efficiency of collaboration and connection among government organizations, pursuing public-private partnership (PPP), and adhering to the good governance principles and becoming good corporate citizenship.
With our new business direction, we believe we will be able to help our clients, mostly government organizations, to deliver more value to the people. This will fully support the Thailand 4.0 model where government organizationscapabilities are strengthened in order to offer better citizen-centric services. At the same time, this will increase national economic competitiveness and improved social development with five key components of A Better Societyconcept convenience, speed, accuracy, security & privacy and transparency, which will lead to a successful transformation under Thailand 4.0 model,said Nart.
CDG will continue to improve our services and enhance our capability in delivering practical IT solutions by promoting our people development and introducing technology that will create the best benefits to the government sector that will improve quality of life of the people. With such efforts, we hope to support the government in modernizing Thailand.”
CDG is a leading system integrator providing solutions to the government and state enterprises in Thailand. Throughout the past 50 years, it has accumulated expertise in designing and developing corporate IT system to support management efficiency, operational effectiveness and improved public service quality. The company has closely monitored and adopted the latest technologies to develop innovative products, services and comprehensive solutions that best address different needs and roles of the government organizations and state enterprises