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The secret items of an elegant and beautiful girl that she always has in her bag

A beautiful girl is always a shining star among the crowd and get people’s attention wherever she goes. With outstanding appearance and great fashion taste, a beautiful girl always shows great confidence in front of others and keep positive attitude towards life.

Want to know their secrets of keep smiling towards life and keeping up with the trend of fashion? Let’s have an exploration on what’s in an elegant and beautiful girl’s bag?

  • Lipstick
A Lipstick is a must-have for a girl to go outside nowadays. Different lipstick colors match different makeup and outfit styles of the day and sometimes can even represents a girl’s mood of the day.

Going to an important meeting, you can wear red to show your professionalism, with business attire. To have a date with boyfriend, a salmon pink can a good choice, to emphasize your cuteness and sweet with simple makeup. Even it’s a day without makeup due to busy work and life, a baby pink lipstick would definitely save your day.
  • Perfume
Perfume brings signature scent to a girl. People can easily forget what happened in their life but a familiar smell can bring all the memory back. Especially when the summer is coming, people can easily get annoyed by the hot weather and stink smell in the air. A good perfume scent makes you stand out from others and be more delicate. Small samples like that are easier to bring with and put in bag.
  • Earphone
We are always surrounded by tiring things but a smart girl knows how to escape from the waking reality and relax herself for a while. During the weekends, have a cup of Cappuccino with music on, have a book to read, is one of the best and relaxing moments you can have. Sometimes if you are too tired from work, just turn on the music for a while, your energy can be back soon.
  • Sports Bottles
For a delicate and beautiful girl, exercising is one of the most important parts in life. Always bring a sport bottle with you and ready for running or Yoga whenever you have time. Keeping fit makes you more confident and happier.
  • Smartphone
Smartphone is like a part of us nowadays. We use it to take photos, contact with friends, play games and share our life in SNS like Facebook and Instagram. How a smartphone functions is definitely important, but an elegant and beautiful girl would not just stop here. Girls always think high of the appearance of a smartphone. Not only should it has high quality, but also should follow the trend of fashion. Just like honor 10, with stunning aurora colors of phantom blue and phantom green. Brings one of the most shining moments into life. Sometimes, it’s not just a smartphone, but also an accessory of the summer time.
[Model: Patchy]

From 23th June 2018, The Phontom Green, the color that has been expected for a while,   would be available in AIS (https://store.ais.co.th/mobile-phone/other/honor10.html), LAZADA (https://bit.ly/2J87n3Z), CSC, and TG FONE. Check Honor 10 in online and offline stores, to get the most beautiful accessory in this summer!

About honor 10

With the arrival of honor 10 on 23th May in Bangkok, two major ground-breaking and industry leading smartphone technologies were brought to consumers. One is advanced AI technology, and this is applied primarily to the phone’s smartphone photography and endorsed by Speos, the leader of higher education in professional photography in France. The other is the new CMF design technology which shapes the phone into a real beauty.