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Adding a fluffy four-pawed touch to the aquarium, SEA LIFE Bangkok displays dog-related fish to welcome Chinese Year of the Dog

Let’s just say dogs are human’s best friends, and you won’t be surprised to see how many places and products are putting on their best dog-themed decorations to welcome their favorite Chinese astrology: Year of the Dog. SEA LIFE Bangkok, the world-class aquarium located in the heart of the city: B1-2 fl., Siam Paragon, is no different. The aquarium joins the festive fun their own way – displaying three dog-related fish species. The first one with the most resemblance to dogs is the Dog-Faced Puffer with its round eyes and dog-like snout, but that is where the resemblance ends, as the puffer has the deadly Tetrodotoxin that is up to 1,200 times more poisonous than cyanide. Wolf Eels are eels with features of wolfish fierceness, and strong jaws that easily allow them to handle hard-shell preys. Wolf Fish has the most striking characteristic feature, with its large head and wide gaping mouth with sharp fangs. All displays and other upcoming activities in 2018 are available only at SEA LIFE Bangkok.
SEA LIFE Bangkok, the world-class aquarium at B1-2 fl., Siam Paragon department store (BTS Siam station)
Entrance fee: Adults 990 THB / Kids (3-11 years old) 790 THB
Contact us via: http://www.sealifebangkok.com/ Tel. +66-687-2000

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