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Thai Fintech Association - TCC Technology - Leap Solutions Asia endorse in collaborative MoU for the first F13 Batch 1 Sandbox in Thailand.

Bangkok, January 25, 2018 - Mr. Jessada Sookdhis, the President of Thai Fintech Association (TFTA) presided over the signing ceremony of the new collaborative memorandum of understanding for the initiative F13 Fintech sandbox together with Thailand’s leading IT infrastructure service provider- TCC Technology Company Limited (TCCtech) and Leap Solutions Asia Company Limited (LSA) whom is the international standard cloud platform provider for this first batch.
The F13 sandbox initiative aims to leverage technology for fintech startups in Thailand to iteratively test, simulate, and launch its solutions by running on cloud platform where selected APIs plugged is enabled to process their solution to end users. The connections between platform and APIs are functioning under the eyes of national regulators where they must work altogether in both national policy and bests practical solutions to complete the launch of industry changes. 13 teams participate in F13 sandbox which are categorized by six areas including blockchain, insurance, retail investments, personal finance, lending and credit, business tools.
“The first batch of F13 fintech sandbox encourage financial and banking services in nationwide and aims to accelerate competitive advantage, and capability amongst region. The program is modelled quite similar to the practice in Singapore and Malaysia which mainly endorse by relevant state enterprises, and also enable private sectors to activate for the changes. Even though, we are now in the early stage of pushing fintech, we also have strong supports from enterprise like TCC Technology and Leap Solutions Asia. It is good to start for further developments of fintech industry in Thailand.” Mr. Jessada emphasized.

Mr. Voradis Vinyaratn, the Executive Director and Acting Managing Director of TCC Technology revealed that the global fintech will impact our way of lives and the industry by disruptive fintech technology.
As a technology partner,  we foresee that  new lifestyles trends will be created amongst users; 24/7 of financial services is required. We strongly believe that fintech will bring about the new financial environment. To facilitate fintech from concept to reality, we offer our cloud platform to host fintech sandbox at our data center facilities.
“Sizing does not matter. The ability to understand and the accessibility to technology that help bridge providers and end users to interact faster. I personally believe that “ready-to-innovate” platform will be one of many fundamental pillars to connect intelligent advantages together. Moreover, selected platform must provide you flexibility that could stretch workload and system optimization in every stage of implementation. Thus, we welcome all participants -13 fintech startups of F13 batch 1 to kick off their usage of our Leap GIO Public Cloud platform. “ he added.
Moreover, Ms. Nacharie Rujirat, the Managing Director of Leap Solutions Asia- the enterprise recognized cloud provider, mentioned that F13 batch 1 sandbox is the opportunity for our team to work together with fintech in facilitating their solution become most possible form. Cloud is the essential technology that drive fintech happen  through the advantage of cloud in terms of the flexibility for startup to freely manage package per use as well as the scalability to support business growth together with workload and massive data. Our platform is ready for their expansion as well.
About Thai Fintech Association
Thai Fintech Association (“TFTA”) is a non-profit organization, organized and existing under the laws of Thailand and having its office at Knowledge Exchange (KX), 13th Floor, 110/1 Krung Thonburi Road, Banglamphulang Sub-District, Khlongsan District, Bangkok 10600, registered and founded on 2 November 2016 as an association with the Department of Provincial Administration, Ministry of Interior, whose objectives are to 1) being the center of fintech knowledge, promote research and development fintech innovations; 2) promote and support an assessment to efficient financial services of public including protect public interest; and 3) promote and develop the fintech industry standards for the benefit of members and public. TFTA has Fintech Sandbox – F13, for the purpose of fintech startups to have necessary facilities for research and development of fintech innovation from partners who would like to contribute to building a healthy fintech ecosystem in Thailand.
About TCC Technology
T.C.C. Technology Co., Ltd. (TCCtech) is a member of TCC Group, one of the largest conglomerates in Thailand. TCCtech is the Carrier-Neutral Data Center Services Provider.  TCC Technology Group is the first & only triple-certified SAP Hosting services/ SAP Cloud services/ SAP Hana services Partner in Thailand and has strong collaboration with selected global partners e.g. the recognition as Microsoft Certified Partner, etc. TCCtech currently operates not only highly secured multiple world-class Cloud-Enabled Data Centers in downtown Bangkok and the city’s eastern suburbs, but also offers industrial and international data centers solutions via its Asia Data Center Alliance (ADCA) network in 5 countries, including Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.
About Leap Solutions
Leap Solutions Asia (LSA) Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between T.C.C. Technology Co., Ltd. (TCCtech), Thailand’s leading service provider of datacenters and Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ), Japan’s major service provider of internet and cloud systems for corporate customers.