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Shopee Recommends the Perfect Gifts for Your Loved Ones this Festive Season

This festive season, Shopee is here to help you find the perfect gifts for your loved ones. With around 8 million active listings, you’ll be sure to find what you need on Shopee - whether it’s finding the right gift for your family, or that special something for that special someone.
Parva Nakasai, better known as Birdie, shares her tips to finding the right gifts this Christmas. Birdie said “Giving gifts is the best way to express our love and gratitude to our family and friends, and it’s important that we take into account their preferences, style and personality when selecting a gift for them. With Shopee, finding the right gifts doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. I’m able to browse a wide selection of gifts across categories including Health & Beauty, Fashion, Home & Living and Mobile & Gadgets, all while I’m on the go. If I happen to be traveling during the festive season, I even ship items directly to their houses!”

  1. Gender

Shopee has a wide range of products to cater to males and females. For guys, browse through the latest IT gadgets and accessories, including mobile phones, case, headphone, speaker, camera, power bank, or check out the men’s fashion category to pick out a top or necktie. If you’re looking for gifts for her, you’ll be sure to find something under the Health and Beauty, or Women’s fashion. Opt for accessories, fashion clothes, scarves, bags or cosmetics. Unisex gifts, including home decorations or appliances, are always safe choices to go for as well.  

  1. Age

For the little ones, browse a wide range of toys and games under the Toys, Kids and Baby category. For the newlywed couple, look through the Home and Living and pick out something for their new home - a set of toiletries, appliances, or even household decorations.             You might even want to consider picking up sweet treats for the whole family under the Food & Beverage category to prepare for that Christmas party you’re thinking of hosting.

  1. Style

Different people have different tastes so make sure you take their preferences, and not your own, into consideration when selecting a gift for them. A great versatile option would be to pick out a watch for the special guy or girl in your life. Choose a style that you think would best suit their personality and match the way he or she dresses.    

  1. Price

When selecting a gift, don’t focus on just the price. What’s important is choosing something that you think would best suit the him or her. Of course, if you’re worried about spending too much this festive season, look out for items on Shopee marked with the “Lowest Price Guarantee” icon to make sure that you’re getting your items at the best price available online. If you happen to find the same product for less, Shopee will provide you with a 120% refund.
For those who prefer to give a more personal touch, don’t be afraid to create a DIY gift instead! Even if it’s something simple like a personalised card or picture frame, it’s bound to make the person you’re giving it to feel loved.
These are some ideas that we recommend you to enjoyable in purchasing gifts for your special person in this coming new year festival. If you are now getting ready and having gift lists on your mind, check out on Shopee, the leading eCommerce mobile application which offers a great variety of various types and styles of products.
You'll find that you can get everything you need on Shopee Thailand. For more information about Shopee, visit www.shopee.co.th Shopee is available for download for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


About Shopee

Shopee is the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. It is a platform tailored for the region, providing customers with an easy, secure and fast online shopping experience through strong payment and logistical support.

Shopee aims to continually enhance its platform and become the region’s e-commerce destination of choice. Shopee has a wide selection of product categories ranging from consumer electronics to home & living, health & beauty, baby & toys, fashion and fitness equipment.
Shopee, a Sea company, was first launched in Singapore in 2015, and has since expanded its reach to Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Sea is a leader in digital entertainment, e-commerce and digital financial services across Greater Southeast Asia. Sea's mission is to better the lives of consumers and small businesses with technology, and is listed on the NYSE under the symbol SE.