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Breaker presents Hornbill as its flagship product to change its image from a student’s footwear brand to a fashionable brand for teens

Breaker shifts its focus to fashion footwear as the fashion industry has a lot of potential for growth, while student’s footwear industry has marketing limitations. The brand will soon introduce a new collection Breaker Hornbill, which will become its new flagship product that appeals to young, fashionable people. The product will help change the image from Breaker into a fashion lifestyle brand with excellent design. The collection will be marketed through an environmental campaign. 
Somrerk Vongveeranonchai, Managing Director of SCS Sportswear Company Limited, manufacturer and distributor of Breaker, said that Breaker has a plan to focus more on fashion and lifestyle products. Formerly, the brand focused on student’s footwear and sport footwear. It sees the growth potential in the fashion market, despite the fierce competition. Breaker began targeting the fashion market two years ago and the feedback has been excellent, so it will now focus on this market.
Last year, Breaker tested the water in the fashion industry for the first time by collaborating with Joey Boy as its presenter. Breaker J was a limited collection with only 500 pairs produced. It was met with a great feedback, and it was sold out in five minutes, thanks to the design that appealed to the target group and the affordable price. The proceeds from the sale of Breaker J were also donated to Chaipattana Foundation to support forest and environment projects. 
To keep the momentum going and to reach out to more customers, as well as to rebrand Breaker as a fashion brand. The brand is introducing Breaker Hornbill collection, which is linked to the company’s CSR effort. The goal is to encourage the new generation to care about the environment by growing forests. The Hornbill represents procreation and fertility, and without forests, there are no hornbills. Today, the hornbills are threatened with extinction, so in order to help them, we must conserve the forest. 
“We can’t deny that fashion sneakers are a big trend for every age and every lifestyle, especially teenagers. Many people have been familiar with the brand since they were students. We want to expand our customer base by adding fashionable sneakers to our product range. In terms of marketing, we will create awareness alongside helping the society, focusing on the environment and forests. We have a plan to grow forests with our partner, The Rajapruek Institute Foundation, which is experienced in conserving and restoring forests. All of our activities will focus on participation of our target customers to create an experience and raise awareness about forest restoration.” 
Somrerk added that the brand is expanding its customer base from students to teenagers and office workers because student footwear is only in demand before the new school year begins, which is a period of two months, while fashion footwear is in demand all year round and the market is significantly larger. With fashion footwear, trends and innovations can be added, and although the competition is strong, the new generation care more about their appearance and are willing to spend on fashion products. Therefore, there’s a lot of potential in this market. 
“First of all, we have to establish the brand’s strength and position. We must break the brand away from the perception that it is a student’s footwear brand. We are a fashion and casual footwear brand, and we already have sport footwear.” 
He also added that Breaker will use Breaker Hornbill as its main product in the fashion footwear sector and link the collection with CSR activities. In June, the first series was introduced, with only 40 pairs produced to offer to volunteers from Breaker fanpage who joined the Breaker Save Rainforest activity in collaboration with The Rajapruek Institute Foundation at the Nong Hoi Royal Project in Mon Jam and Mon Long, Chiang Mai. It was white sneakers with green hornbills. Now, it is introducing the second series, available in white and grey, priced at 495 baht per pair. The brand will begin serious marketing for this series, and by the end of the year, the brand will release 3-4 series. For advertising, it will focus on online platform to communicate with its target consumers. The budget is 10 million baht. Last year, Breaker has seen a 13% growth in sale.  
 Student’s footwear and fashion footwear are different. Fashion footwear has to be constantly updated and follow trends. Function must go hand in hand with fashion.
     Today, the student’s footwear industry is worth 5 billion baht and grows by 5% annually. Breaker’s market share is 30%, ranking 2nd or 3rd in the market. The fashion footwear industry is worth 8 billion baht.