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Sansiri unveils 2017 brand strategy – ‘Complete Your Living Experience’ concept encompassing highlight functions to capture all lifestyle needs

Sansiri unveiled 2017 brand strategy featuring ‘Complete Your Living Experience’ theme with aim to extend the company’s 33-year legacy of bringing the best living and lifestyle experience to Thai people as well as embracing new generation of consumers. With a marketing budget of Baht 50 million, the “Fill Your Life With Good” campaign is launched to set a new brand direction through the introduction of 6 functions that meet all target consumer lifestyle needs  in each particular  project. The design and development of Educationnal Playground, one of the 6 functions, marks the first collaboration between real estate and healthcare industries to enliven a perfect living experience and is introduced in the first time in residential project in Thailand. The new campaign simply accentuates Sansiri’s leadership  in constantly shaping Thai real estate market in order to offer the best living experience to residents as well as pursuing the ambition to become a world-class property developer.
Mr. Uthai Uthaisangsuk, Senior Executive Vice President - Business Development and Project Development Division (High Rise), Sansiri Public Company Limited said that “The “Complete Your Living Experience” concept is our key 2017 marketing strategy that suggests an accomplished living experience we offer to customers, reflecting that Sansiri not only constructs a building, but also builds a good life for customers. With today’s fast-changing consumer needs, we need to constantly adjust our brand strategy to speak out clearly that all our development has been created through well-thought-out processes in every elements, from customer-centric approach, study of consumer behavior in diversified segments and segregation of information on living needs of each segment. With this, we can always create new sensation in Thai real estate market on a standard that exceeds the needs of consumers in every segment.  
“Today we reach a further step in better meeting diversified living and lifestyle needs of consumers in all age range. With a budget of Baht 50 million, we introduce “Fill Your Life with Good” campaign to reinforce our brand strategy that accomplishes a perfect living. A new TV commercial is created to depict the concept of ‘aesthetic functionality’ as well as reinstate that Sansiri is pioneer in Thai real estate market and true leader in delivering the best living experience to residents in every segment based on thorough research and study of customers conducted by Sansiri Design Solution and Product Development Departments. New project development in 2017 fucuses around the 6 living functions that seamlessly respond to currunt consumer lifestyle,” added Uthai.    
The 6 functions to be catered to best fit the lifestyle of residents in each project comprise: Underwater Music – equipped in swimming pool to bring an more enjoyable experience while relaxing or exercising in the water; Co-Kitchen Space – a fully-equipeed kitchen for all residents that can also host a friend and family gathering and BBQ party; Private Parking Space -  specially designed to accommodate car in any shape and form with ample ground clearance and light decoration; Cooliving Designed Home – Sansiri’s innovations for less reliance on air-conditioner, consisting of Solar Attic, an underroof fan and ventilation run on solar energy to help minimize heat, keep the home cool and minimize germ retention; Breeze Panel, ventilation panel to a better air flow; Shading Screen to minimize sunlight heat; Texture Wall to curb out heat; Roof Shade to hinder sunlight heat  and UV Shield Color and green-tinted heat-reflecting windows for a better ventilation and less heat; Panoramic View Fitness – with ultra-wide window for an unobstructred 180° outside view, and Educational Playground – specially designed to develop children’s physical strength, especialy upper and lower leg muscle, arm muscle through practicing climbing, tip toeing and jumping, as well as boost brain development in decision making and problem solving skills through playing games. Samitivej Hospital provides consulting services on design and selection of materials in the playground.  
Chaijak Watanyoo, Senior Vice President - Product Development of Sansiri Public Company Limited said that “the Eduational Playground we introduced sets a new benchmark in Thai real estate market as a brand new concept of children playground devised based on our study to truly address the needs of new generation of family, one of our crucial customer segments. Family consumer segment is looking for residential project with good facilities for children. Currently there are very few projects in Thailand that provide well-designed facilities for children and most playgrounds available only have simple machines. Sansiri’s Educational Playground features equipment that encourages interaction and engagement, making us the first real estate developer in Thailand to offer this kind of facility in residential projects.        
Sansiri Design Solution and Product Development Departments have jointly developed the new concept of playground in consultation with Samitivej Hospital, which is widely accepted for specialized child care, based on study conducted on children at different age ranges – from 2 years old to primary school. The Educational Playground is first introduced in Kanasiri Rangsit Klong 2 project, Setthasiri Pinklao Kanchana project and Setthasiri Krungthep Kreetha projects, with other several projects to follow like Burasiri Watcharapol, Burasiri Ratchaphruek-345, ect. We allocate a Baht 20-million budget in 2017 for Educational Playground development in several projects and believe that the new facility will be a part in helping our young residents develop both physical skills and mental strength.”  
Dr. Wasu Kamchaisatian, Deputy Director, Samitivej Child Hospital, revealed that “Both Samitivej Hospital and Sansiri place importance on good quality of life. New generation of parents also realize the importance of child development. This collaboration is a testament of Sansiri’s intention to build playground of high standard with attention to details. The concept of developing Educational Playground aims at promoting child development through playing as well as stengthening family relationship. Parents can be involved in motivating the development of their children that suit their age through several activities in the playground in a safe and sound environment. Children can develop physical strength while practising decision making skills by stepping, clumbing, tip toing and jumping.”  
“We set a budget of Baht 50 million for the campaign with focus on customer engagement through digital media to reach target consumers, which is aligned with our policy to evolve with digital transformation and emphasizes our status of real estate developer with leading technology for comprehensive living experience on our steps to becoming world-class real estate developer. We are confident that this campaign will help boost sales as well as strengthen brand confidence among our customers,” added Uthai.