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GfK hosts 12th User Experience (UX) Masterclass in China

Shanghai, April 11, 2017 – GfK, in partnership with the UXalliance, will host the 12th User Experience (UX) Masterclass at the InterContinental Puxi in Shanghai on April 20.
UX Masterclass is a flagship event of the UXalliance, an international network of 25 UX firms from around the world. This annual conference brings together experts and thought leaders in the fields of user experience (UX), innovation and market research to share knowledge and best practices.
Themed “UX Connect”, the UX Masterclass Shanghai will see industry professionals from over 15 countries sharing their insights on topics including the power of bringing UX and innovation thinking together, designing world-class omni-channel experiences, and the emerging relationship between brand and UX. The event will also explore two streams of talks - Innovative UX methods and technologies, and UX trends - as well as a workshop on UX Analytics.
Speakers include:
  • Kyle Hsiao, Director of Design, BMW
  • Pascal Lannoo, Head of UX, Voyages-SNCF
  • Frederic Gaillard, Managing Director, Axance
  • Robert Schumacher, Executive Vice President, US, GfK
  • Shailesh Manga, Global Head of UX, GfK
  • Sonia Ouaksel, Director of Client Experience, Content Square
  • Stefano Zanini, UX Research Leader, Assist SpA
  • Annemieke Van Ruiten, Senior User Experience Consultant, Assist SpA
  • Maffee Wan, Head of User Experience, China, GfK
  • Gavin Lew, Executive Vice President, US, GfK
  • Simon Herd, Research Director, Sutherland
  • Wolfgang Waxenberger, Head of User Experience, Germany, GfK
  • Helga Stegmann, Owner, Mantaray
  • Ilana Kaplan, CEO and Director, Bayfront UX
  • Florian Egger, Owner & Principal User Experience Consultant, Telono
  • Durgaprasad Vemula, CEO, PeepalDesign
  • Jonathan Weeks, Marketing Manager, Mitsue-Links Co., Ltd.
  • Serena Lai, UX Researcher, Mitsue-Links Co., Ltd.
  • Simon Pulman-Jones, Global Director, Innovation, GfK
“As consumers are becoming more sophisticated and comfortable with technology, creative innovations delivered as memorable experiences are what makes businesses stand out from the crowd”, said Shailesh Manga, Global Head of User Experience at GfK. “This year, we aim to inspire delegates to think outside the box and explore the exciting space where innovation and user experience converge. The UX Masterclass Shanghai will gather global experts with engaging stories in a fun environment where delegates can connect with like-minded people.”
An expert in UX research and design, GfK helps businesses create and improve customer experiences for existing or new products and services. GfK projects user insights into all stages of development, from early concepts and prototyping, through to launch and post-launch activity. By bringing businesses into the heart of the design process from the start, GfK focuses on reducing the risk of failed products and costly post-launch changes. GfK’s user experience insights reveal definitive plans on how to best differentiate products and services, capitalise on current market opportunities, and guide the UX of future product and service design.
“GfK is committed to bringing UX to life by assisting businesses in creating distinctive experiences for their customers,” said Andy Zhao, Managing Director for Northeast Asia, GfK Consumer Choices. “The China market is dynamic and fast moving and Chinese consumers are showing increased enthusiasm for the benefits that UX delivers. We are honoured to be hosting the 12th edition of the UX Masterclass as it makes its debut in China, and are looking forward to sharing our knowledge and expert insights with the delegates.”
“Participants from previous years have highlighted that they particularly appreciate an international group of experts freely sharing insights, tips and advice for global research,” said Frederic Gaillard, Managing Director at Axance. “This year delegates will be able to gather insights into a range of topics (including UX strategy and managing and monitoring a UX design process), as well as learn from end-users of the latest research methods.”
For more information and updates on UX Masterclass Shanghai, or to register for the event, visit uxmasterclass.com/2017.
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