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CH. Karnchang celebrates 45th anniversary in 2016

Gearing toward becoming regional leading infrastructure developer
and expecting revenue of Bt 30,000 million
Mr. PlewTrivisvavet, Executive Chairman, CH. Karnchang Public Company Limited revealed that “2016 marks the company’s 45 years in business and we are gearing toward becoming leading infrastructure in Southeast Asia region with five pillars of strength: vision to explore new opportunity in both domestic and overseas markets, innovation and technology; development of high quality human resources; strong financial management with readiness to invest in new projects and longstanding commitment to social and environmental responsibility. CK set a revenue target of Baht 30,000 million for 2017.”
The company’s current backlog accounts for Baht 85,231 million. New projects recently commissioned included construction of MWA pumping station worth Baht 303 million; the MRT Orange Line Project - Thailand Cultural Centre - Min Buri section- Contract 1 worth Baht 11,570 million; the MRT Orange Line - Contract 2 worth Baht 12,060 million; the MRT Orange Line Contract 5 worth Baht 2,709 million; Bang Pa-in-Saraburi - Nakhon Ratchasima Highway Project Contract 4 worth Baht 1,852 million. Projects to be signed in the near future include the supply and installation of M&E equipment for the MRT Blue Line Extension: Hua Lamphong - Bang Kae section and Bangsue - Ta Phra section worth totally Baht 19,463 million. With these new projects, the company’s backlog will reach Baht 100,000 million, with revenue to be recognized for the next three years.
Dr. SupamasTrivisvavet, Chief Executive Officer, CH. Karnchang Public Company Limited (CK) said that “We managed to maintain a strong revenue stream and profit ratio in 2016, with net profit of Baht 2,002 million. Of the total revenue, Baht 45,768 million came from construction business. The gross profit ratio for 2016 is 7.08% which is highly satisfactory. With strong performance in 2015, the company’s Annual General Shareholder Meeting on 28 April 2017 agreed to pay the dividend of Baht 0.25 per share.”
Current construction projects are progressing as planned. The MRT Blue Line Extension: Hua Lamphong - Bang Kae section and Bangsue - Ta Phra section now reached 97.6% completion, with trackwork86.8% completed; the supply and installation of M&E equipment for the MRT Purple Line Contract 4 is 91.8% completed. Construction of double-track rail project – the Jira Junction - KhonKaen section, is 15% completed; Bang Pa-in - Saraburi - Nakhon Ratchasima Highway Project Contract 6 is 0.1% completed; and Bang Pa-in Cogeneration Power Plant Project 2 (BIC 2) 78.5% completed. As for overseas projects, Xayaburi Hydroelectric Power Plant Project in Lao PDR is now 71.3% completed and Na Bong Power Substation project in Lao PDR 38.4% completed. 
Looking forward in 2017, CK anticipated the government would continue to drive the development of new infrastructure projects such as five double-track rail projects of which the bidding terms are finalized and bidding expected within this year; several rail mass transit lines including the MRT Purple Line - Tao Pun – Rat Burana section, the MRT Blue Line extension - Bang Kae-Buddha Monthon Sai 4 section, the Dark Green Line - SamutPrakan - Bang Pu section, the Dark Green Line - Kukot-Lamlukka section and the MRT Orange Line - Taling Chan-Thailand Cultural Centre section. Other important projects include Rama 3 – Daokanong - West outer ring road expressway, Airport Rail Link extension, SRT suburban railway DarkRed Line - Rangsit - Thammasat University’s Rangsit campus, Third-Stage Expressway - North sections - N2 and East-West Corridor. The company is gearing full steam ahead in bidding for new infrastructure projects with confidence to acquire 20 – 25% share of these projects
    “In celebrating our 45th anniversary this year, we have adjusted and developed strategic move to strengthen our operation in all perspectives to align with the government’s Thailand 4.0 policy and is getting ready to become a leading infrastructure developer in the Southeast Asia region, as well as launching special activities to give back to the community and society,” added Supamas.