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Starts now “World Food Expo 2017” The gigantic event promoting Thailand as the Kitchen of the World 23 March – 9 April 2017 at the Square, Central World

The Square in front of Central World /// The Ministry of Industry by National Food Industry (NFI) together with Central Group and Central World department store collaborates with both public and private sectors to organize the biggest event “World Food Expo 2017” to promote Thailand as the Kitchen of the World during 23 March – 9 April 2017, from 10.00 to 22.00 hrs. at the Square in front of Central World department store. In the event, the Ministry of Science and Technology will encourage the utilization of research studies, technology and innovation to increase the export value of processed foods. Besides, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports will join promoting Thailand Food Tourism. There are also several sectors including National Innovation Agency, Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), SME Bank, The Office of SMEs Promotion (OSMEP), Thai Beverage Public Company Limited, and Betagro Group collaborating to organize the event under the vision of “Thailand together for the Kitchen of the World”.
This is the only event where both food industry and Thailand tourism are fully promoted. There are troops of popular restaurants including Street Food, Food Truck, rare authentic Thai cuisine, local Thai food from “Amazing Thai Taste” project and innovative processed food from almost 200 leading manufacturers for visitors to enjoy shopping and tasting. There are also several activities such as workshops, and Thai cooking demonstrations from famous chefs. It is estimated that during 18 days of the event, there will be at least two million visitors and the values of business negotiation and sales are approximately at least over 200 million Baht.
Mr.Uttama Savanayana, the Minister of Industry stated that “World Food Expo 2017” is organized following the government policy of Private-Public Collaboration. It received a good cooperation among several organizations from both private and public sectors under the same vision of “Thailand together for the Kitchen of the World”. The event aims to raise Thai’s awareness and promote Thailand as the food hub of the world in respond to Thailand Industrial Development Strategy, which focuses on the industrial development of processed food to the food industry 4.0, and to the World Trade market in the next 20 years. The ministry is ready to encourage all-size enterprises.
“The Event is well cooperate from Central Group, the Ministry of Science and Technology, National Innovation Agency, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), SME Bank, The Office of SMEs Promotion (OSMEP), Thai Beverage Public Company Limited, Boon Rawd Brewery Co., Ltd. and Betagro Group, Central World, as well as several related organizations. During the 18-day event, we expected that there are at least over two million visitors including manufacturers, distributors, importers, exporters, foreign tourists, and Thai visitors. The event will surely offer valuable opportunities for exchanging and business negotiating among Thai food industry entrepreneurs. Moreover, the domestic expenditure is expectedly increased and the value of circuit flow is approximately at least over 200 million Baht. Simultaneously, the event would raise people’s awareness on the potential of food industries in two major dimensions: the processed food for export and the new perspectives of Thai food consumption.”
Mr.Somchai Harnhirun, the Permanent Secretary of Industry, said that National Food Industry, the Ministry of Industry, together with Central Group and Central World department store, cooperatively organized “World Food Expo 2017” for the first time and plans to organize consecutively at least 3 years. It aims to strengthen the world competitive capability of food industries and Thailand tourism. This will encourage and enhance the connections made by all parts of food manufacturers from the upstream to the end of the river. The data of scientific research and development, technology, and innovation will be connected and able to apply more practically. Such connections will surely increase the value of products and support Thai food to be accepted and more popular in the global market. Moreover, the event aims to promote the export of raw materials and instant foods with high quality and safety standards to the global market targeting to be the world’s biggest food exporter.
Thailand is in the fifth rank of the world, as the food net exporter. Currently, Thailand is in the first rank of exporting several Thai foods such as canned pineapple, canned tuna and cassava. As the world’s second rank, Thailand exports rice, and sugar. On the other hand, we internationally trade chicken, in the world’s fourth rank, and shrimp, in the world’s fifth rank. However, it is possible that we could increase the values of these products if technology and innovation are applied especially with Future Food, Functional Food and Medical Food in respond to the demand of the customers in each targeted country, as well as efficiently manage the entire supply chain. The urgent issue is that we should create interesting stories about Thai food more.
“The purpose of ‘World Food Expo 2017’ in Thailand is to clarify the standpoint of being the kitchen of the world and promote Thai food brands to be more popular and memorable, which is corresponding with the Future Food Development and World Connect strategy. There are workshops, Thai cooking demonstrations and the sales of various food products from almost 200 booths including famous street food restaurants, rare and authentic Thai cuisine, world-class restaurants, and processed food from local communities, as well as leading manufacturers.”
Mrs.Orawan Kaewprakaisangkul, Vice President, National Food Institute, Ministry of Industry, as the main organization of the event: “World Food Expo 2017”, stated that the Expo has 4 major zones: Santorini, Street Food and Food truck, Food Industry and Food Cluster Pavilion of Thai Leader Cluster. Santorini zone is the zone of activities and music performances. Street Food and Food Truck zone is composed of 48 street food restaurants and 8 Food Trucks. Food Industry zone exhibits innovations and technology relating to the quality of food production and the application of the food production innovation in several types of materials to maximize its value in food export business. There are also the cooking demonstrations of Thai Fusion Food using such innovations. In Food Cluster Pavilion of Thai Leader Cluster zone, national leading manufacturers will present innovations and latest products. The zone includes food and beverage industry manufacturers such as Thai Beverage Public Company Limited, Boon Rawd Brewery Co., Ltd. and Betagro Group.
“For those who love eating, you cannot miss the Thai cooking demonstration of the Lost Recipe by three chefs from well-known institutions. Interchangeably, the chefs will perform cooking both Thai food and desserts. During 23-28 March, there will be the demonstration and sale of Som Chun (seasonal local fruits served in perfumed sugar syrup), Khao Chae (rice soaked in cool water), Latieng (fried prawns and nut wrapped in an egg net), Kanom Bueng Yuan (stuffed crispy egg-crepe) and coffee cake, the most remarkable dessert from Suan Dusit University. During 29 March - 3 April, there will be the demonstration and sale of Sinhalese curry, Pork Chili curry, Mamad Chili paste, King Rama V fried rice, and Kao Kreab Ya Na (steamed rice-skin shrimp dumplings) from Wandee Thai Cooking School. During 4-9 April, there will be the demonstration and sale of Chak Som curry (sour soup), Nok Mor curry (southern-style curry with pork and pakria), Plara Hua Tarn curry (central-style curry with pickled fish and Toddy palm) and Bum Bai curry (ancient Thai curry). from Blue Elephant Cooking School and Restaurant.”
Mr.Pakorn Partanapat, Chief Operating Officer, Central Pattana Public Company Limited said that “CPN, as the administrator of Central World department store, is delighted to offer the entire area of the Square in front of our department store for the event “World Food Expo 2017”. We are ready to facilitate all sectors and visitors to get the highest satisfaction. We are ready to be a part of the development of food industry and Thailand tourism to move the development forward. Such great collaborations between public and private sectors will surely make Thailand be the kitchen of the world.
     The “World Food Expo 2017” will be held during 23 March – 9 April, 2017 from 10.00 – 22.00 hrs. at the Square in front of Central World. You can follow the press release of the Expo via www.nfi.or.th, www.centralworld.co.th, social media or other media to update highlight activities.