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Sansiri plans 11 low-rise projects worth 19,300 MB in 2017 Highlighting reprised “Baan Sansiri” – most prestigious single-house segment brand Stressing clearer brand identity for single-house brands Aggressive development strategy for innovative new digital living Targeting 15,000 MB sales for low-rise projects

Sansiri Public Company Limited unveils its development plan for 11 low-rise projects worth a total of 19,300 million baht in 2017. The year’s highlight will be the reintroduction of the most prestigious single-house segment brand, “Baan Sansiri”, while stressing clearer brand identity for single-house brands in the portfolio. And in order to reinforce the continued success of Burasiri brand, another three Burasiri projects are scheduled for launch this year.

More emphasis will be put on innovative new technologies to fulfill the needs of modern digital living while fully upgrading the security towards the integrated “Security + Services” with the organisation of Sansiri Security Inspection (SSI) to provide enhanced peace of mind for all residents. The sales target for Sansiri’s low-rise projects this year is set at 15,000 million baht.
Mr. Metha Angwatanapanich, Senior Executive Vice President of Business Development & Project Development Division - Low Rise of Sansiri Public Company Limited (SIRI), revealed that in 2017, the Company planned to launch 11 new low-rise projects worth a total of 19,300 million baht, divided into nine single-house projects, one townhouse project and one commercial building project. Most of the projects will be in the 8-to-20-million-baht price range. This year’s sales target for low-rise projects is set at 15,000 million baht – a 30-percent growth over last year’s figure of 11,000 million baht.
This year’s project development strategy includes: 1. The launch of the high-end single-house project in the Company’s highest-priced segment under the “Baan Sansiri” brand that will be revived reenacting the great success in 2006 of “Baan Sansiri Sukhumvit 67”, with the launch of the new project planned for the fourth quarter this year.

2. To stress clearer brand identity for each of the single-house brands in the portfolio to distinctly differentiate the attributes of each of the five Sansiri single-house brands, namely, Narasiri, Setthasiri, Burasiri, Saransiri and Kanasiri. The houses represented in each brand must exude clear distinct feelings through their separate and distinguishing identities. The Narasiri brand must showcase “Luxury in Details”, while Setthasiri should exhibit “Portrait of Success”. The Burasiri brand is designed to be exclusively known for “Find Your Peace of Mind” as the Saransiri brand is specifically “Built for Love”. Last but not least, the Kanasiri brand should be most comforting with its “Plenty of Happiness” attributes.

3. To reinforce the persistent success of the Burasiri brand. In 2016, the Company launched two Burasiri-brand projects that were highly received. The 2,400-million-baht “Burasiri Ratchapruek-345” has closed sales of its 48-unit Phase 1, as Phase 2 will soon start sales. Meanwhile, the 1,900-million-baht “Burasiri Rangsit” has sold over 60 percent of its 120-unit Phase 1. This year, the Company is set to launch three new Burasiri projects in response to the excellent demand from customers.

4. To emphasise innovative new technologies to fulfill the needs of modern digital living. This year, solar power will be developed for use in different areas of housing projects. The starting point will be the installation of solar lighting in common garden areas of the projects for security, energy efficiency and the reduction of central management costs. The pilot phase will begin with the installations at four projects, namely, Kanasiri Rangsit Klong 2, Setthasiri Wongkwaen-Lamlukka, Setthasiri Pinklao-Kanchanapisek and Setthasiri Pattanakarn. The installation of solar lighting in common gardens will eventually cover all single-house and condominium projects in Bangkok and the provinces.

In addition, the Company is developing the “Ventilating House” in the bid to reduce the ambient temperature in the interior of the house. This innovation is expected to be applied in houses beginning in the up-coming third quarter. Another service innovation is the Home Service mobile application, which is a service for all Sansiri project residents that will provide convenience in every dimension of daily living. At present, Home Service application is already available at 75 low-rise projects.

5. To upgrade the security towards “Security + Service” integration through the inauguration of Sansiri Security Inspection (SSI) which is an organisational unit comprising of a team of security expert instructors that will provide intensive training in security and peace-keeping for Sansiri security guards. The highly-trained strict and reliable security guards will be assigned to all Sansiri housing projects to provide encompassing security services. Furthermore, the uniforms of the security guards have been redesigned to project refinement, strength and reliability. The new uniforms will be applied differently depending on the Sansiri brands for differentiation.

“The Company has set the sales target for low-rise projects in 2017 at 15,000 million baht and we are confident that the target will be met due to the initial success of the year’s first project, 16-unit “Siri Avenue Saimai” – a 100-million-baht commercial development in the centre of Saimai designed in New York loft style. The sales of this project immediately closed within the first two hours of official launch. Also impressive was the sales of the “Garden Square Sukhumvit 77” townhouse project with the design that exudes the atmosphere of the UK capital of London. At prices starting from 13.59 million baht, 70 percent of the project has already been answered for. The Company is also set to launch two new projects in the second quarter – “Burasiri Watcharaphon” and “Kanasiri Pinklao-Kanchana”.

“Concerning the trend of the single-house market this year, the confidence is arising from the government’s positive action in regards to the investment in mega-projects, particularly the electric commuter train lines that have become more concrete and advanced, such as the Green Line (Mochit-Sapanmai-Kookot), the Yellow Line (Ladprao-Samrong), the Pink Line (Kaerai-Minburi), and the Orange Line (Cultural Centre-Minburi) whose construction is expected to commence in 2019. All these projects have boosted the consumers’ confidence while developers have begun to launch new projects onto the market while stimulating more intense marketing activities.
“Therefore, it is expected that the single-house market is presently riding on a positive trend. The forecast for significant expansion for this year is in the 5-to-9.99-million-baht segment – coinciding with the price range of the projects that Sansiri will be concentrating on this year to fulfill the demand. We are confident of the enthusiastic response from the customers,” Mr. Metha said.
“Burasiri Rangsit” project details

The well-received “Burasiri Rangsit” is situated on 68 rai of land on Soi Wat Sadet, Rangsit-Pathumthani Road, Suanprikthai Sub-district. The design of the project took the cue from its location in Suanprikthai (Pepper Plantation) Sub-district and the way of life of local residents that relies significantly on spices to flavour their food – akin to the infusion of colours to one’s surroundings and to create uniqueness for the project.

The house design is in the style of “modern resort” with the use of modern materials, open to natural breeze and lights, while the incorporation of battens into the design enhances the modernity of the houses to suit the new generation of house owners that demands individuality and private leisure area in the resort atmosphere. The project consists of 268 units with land plots ranging in size from 51 to 130 square wah and the usable area of from 136 to 257 square metres. The houses, available in five designs, have prices starting from 5.79 million baht.