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Meitu, Inc. and NikkieTutorials Launch #SHEunites for Women’s Empowerment

Meitu’s MakeupPlus app partners with viral Dutch YouTuber NikkieTutorials to launch anti-makeup shaming beauty filters in support of Peacemakers Network
     Bangkok. March 24, 2017 – Meitu, Inc. (SEHK:1357), a leading mobile internet company with its apps activated on more than 1.1 billion unique devices, recently announced the launch of #SHEunites in partnership with NikkieTutorials to support the Peacemakers Network. 
Meitu’s MakeupPlus app will feature three exclusive makeup looks created by world-renowned YouTube makeup artist NikkieTutorials to drive the #SHEunites campaign. Originally made viral through NikkieTutorials’ half-face makeup tutorial to bring awareness to makeup shaming, the Power Of Makeup movement and makeup look will be reignited as part of the virtual makeup collection.

The Peacemakers Network was initiated by United Nations, and believes women are crucial in building a flourishing and peaceful society but often their work goes unrecognized. By partnering with NikkieTutorials, the #SHEunites campaign aims to support this critical work done by women around the world by providing a digital platform to share their inspiring stories, while raising funds for the Network to commission trainings, workshops, and the capacity building of supportive local networks for women around the world.

Supporters are encouraged to download MakeupPlus, apply their favorite #SHEunites virtual makeup look, share their photo and hashtag #SHEunites on Instagram.

“As the world’s leading beauty app developer used by millions of women and men across the globe, we strive to support women’s empowerment causes worldwide,” said Frank Fu, Managing Director of Meitu’s Global Operations. “We’re so excited to team up with the Peacemakers Network and NikkieTutorials to support this cause through our digital platform and provide a fun, new way to engage supporters.”

With Meitu’s free MakeupPlus app, users can give themselves a full virtual makeover (over 50 different styles and thousands of makeup combinations) – from lipstick, foundation and eyelashes, to eye and hair color, faux freckles and glitter – straight from their smartphone. To help bring MakeupPlus users’ favorite looks to life, the app also includes tutorials from popular makeup artists along with an expertly-curated content channel to keep its community up-to-date on the latest beauty trends.

Meitu is a strong supporter of social responsibility initiatives. The company’s Corporate Social Responsibility program has supported causes ranging from men’s health in partnership with Movember Foundation, to raising funds for the Orlando Relief Fund with its #Lips4Love campaign last year. 
Support the cause and download MakeupPlus to wear and share the #SHEunites looks here. To view Nikkie’s tutorial on one of her looks available exclusively in MakeupPlus, please visit her YouTube page here.

About the Peacemakers Network
The Peacemakers Network is a global network of NGOs created to improve equality and respect within diverse communities and to strengthen the voice of grassroots peacebuilders. The Peacemakers Network empowers women through trainings, workshops, and the capacity building of supportive local networks.
About Meitu, Inc.
Meitu, Inc. (SEHK: 1357) is a global mobile internet platform and innovator in mobile video and photography, including Artificial Intelligence-based facial recognition and virtual "try-on" technologies for hair, makeup and skincare. By leveraging its technology leadership and global user base, Meitu, Inc. is building a mobile beauty ecosystem where users can discover, create and share new looks – right from their smartphone. Today, Meitu, Inc. apps are installed on over 1.1 billion unique mobile devices around the world, with billions of photos generated by Meitu, Inc. apps each month. More information about Meitu, Inc. can be found at corp.meitu.com/en.