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The EmQuartier, UOB YOLO Platinum Card, Pepsi and BEC Tero invite you to party up at free concert The EmQuartier Beats 2017, a music festival in the heart of Bangkok, Showcasing 19 artists on two stages

     Bangkok- 26 March 2017- The EmQuartier joins hands with UOB YOLO Platinum Card, Pepsi and BEC Tero to present one of Thailand's most vibrant concert with an irresistible line up of 30 popular talents from 19 famous groups of artists . A 3-days music festival is the second episode that will be performing under the concept “YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE”. Bodyslam together with Thailand's most popular artists such as Christina Aguilar, Pop Pongkool, Hunz Isariya, Kangsom Tanatat, Two Popetorn, Lipta, Polycat, and Jetset’er will be rocking on 2 stages; Quartier Avenue on G floor during March 31 to April 2, at 5-9pm, and Quartier Water Garden on 5th floor, during April 1-2, at 1:30-5pm. The concert, which is opened free to public, will also be equipped with top-notch light and sound system, together with a 10 meter long LED panel to add the fun and vibrancy. 
     Get ready to party till you drop and have fun at this ultimate concert in the heart of Bangkok
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