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dtac & SF Cinema City Continue to Wow BLUE MEMBER Customers with “Movie Premiere” at The First class SF World Cinema Central World

March 17, 2017 - Penpa-Nga Suddhimondala, Vice President – Head of Loyalty & Partnership, Total Access Communication PLC or dtac, and Mr. Deja Thamchaipenet, Business Development Department Director, SF Corporation PCL, recently continued to provide the best entertainment experience exclusively selected for BLUE MEMBER customers with the “Movie Premiere” campaign giving away free 50 tickets to watch “Disney’s Beauty and the Beast” movie premiere at the First class SF World Cinema Central World on March 16, 2017. Apart from the movie premiere, BLUE MEMBER customers also had an opportunity to join special activities, such as shoot & share and win various gifts at dtac booth. 
For those who missed a chance to participate this free movie premiere session throughout the year, stay tuned for more to come in April via dtac reward LINE to get free movie tickets for 2 (1 phone number). The privileges are dtac’s commitment to serve the best and show its ultimate caring to BLUE MEMBER customers who have unique lifestyles. For more information, please contact BLUE MEMBER personal service at *1806. Stay tuned for upcoming activity updates at dtac reward LINE official account and www.dtac.co.th/dtacreward.