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Fit Camp Expo 2017 Power Platform for Fitness, Wellness & Health in Thailand Perfect Meeting Points for Exhibitors and Visitors

2-5 March 2017, 11.00 – 20.00 hrs
2nd Floor, Airport Raillink Makkasan
Bangkok – Attention to wellness, well-being and healthcare has become increasingly trendy and especially it gets on the right timing with national policy as endorsed by the present administration as seen in the attempt of regular exercise led by the Premier, with aim to show that proper movement brings about healthier and happier lifestyle and reduces fatigue from works or traffic.  The survey conducted by Thai Health Promotion Foundation reveals 19 million Thai people suffer obesity, over 12 million are women, ranking Thailand the second in Asia.
Fit Camp Expo 2017 will be held 2-5 March 2017, 11.00 – 20.00 hours, on the 2nd Floor of Airport Raillink Makksan, managed by Wattana Park Vill Co., Ltd. With 230 booth, covering 5,733 sq.m., the expo will be the platform for healthcare, lifestyle and beauty and fitness businesses to meet and share their innovation, services and products, both enterprises and SMEs.  It is expected that there will be over 50,000 health lovers participating at the expo with expected money talked-about more than ThaiBaht 25 million. 
“The objective of Fit Camp Expo 2017 is to inspire people to exercise ‘Fit anytime, anywhere.’  With growing health-conscious trend, the market expands swiftly for providers with knowledge, innovations, services and equipments/gears.  The consumers are open for the solutions in wellness whether it’s supplement food, exercises to name a few.  Fit Camp Expo therefore is the great platform with complete solutions for Thai consumers and health-lovers, sports-enthusiasts, and anyone to choose what’s best for their body; perfect as a platform of matchmaking for leading exhibitors and visitors in Thailand.  Fit Camp Expo is perfect to create new content for the health society in Thailand, responding to the growing trend and national health promotion policies,” stated Ms. Janjaree Chianwichai, Event Director, Events ‘R’ Us, a department of Wattana Park Vill Co., Ltd.  
There is currently 16 million sport players in Thailand and growing; creating market opportunity for health, wellness related businesses including sports outfits/fashion, food supplement, fitness centers, clean food cooking, Apps on smart devices, smart products and gadgets.  Therefore, Fit Camp Expo 2017 serves well as platform matchmaking for those who are looking for wellness solutions, healthcare products and services; whether physical therapy centers, wellness centers, care centers, spas, or business decision makers, hospital purchasing departments for instance.
“Fitness and exercising has continuously expanded in the past few years, with growing variety to facilitate the personal interest in exercising such as entertained exercises, fun sports, extreme sports or family sports for health and fun.  Bounce Thailand has seen the increase in fitness movement where there will be no doubt at no less than double growth from last year,” said Mr. Somporn Naksuetrong, CEO, Bounce Thailand.
There are plenty of attraction and activities for everyone at Fit Camp Expo; fit & fun activities, stunt shows, Free Rider, mixed martial arts, Live Cooking Show, Body Contest (for amateur), physical fitness test such as pushup and pullup, and meet the Gurus such as Fasai Puengudon of Fit Junction, and Cassandra Haller-taekwondo 2 times champion of SEA Games. 
Interested in joining us as exhibitors, please contact Marketing Team, Events ‘R’ Us, call 0-2192-1514, 086-4146250 or www.facebook.com/fitcampexpo