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dtac makes cash donation to “MCOT Southern Thailand Flood Relief” campaign

Mr. Paradai Theerathada (2nd left), EVP, Head of Corporate Affairs Group, and Mrs. On-uma Rerkpattanapipat (Far left), Senior Vice President, Head of Corporate Communications and Sustainability, Total Access Communication PLC or dtac present a cash donation of 1,347,570 Baht for the “MCOT Southern Thailand Flood Relief” campaign to Mr. Piset Chiyasak (2nd right), Acting President, and Mr. Rittikrai Tongmara (Far right), Vice President, Nine Entertain Business Department, MCOT Public Company Limited.
The campaign invites dtac customers to make a donation to flood victims in Southern Thailand by dialing *420*100# from January 10-31, 2017. The donation, without deducting any expense, will be used  to provide flood-relief bags and cooked food for flood victims later on.