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COMPAREX Thailand joined Microsoft Solution Summit 2017 as a Platinum Sponsor.

Bangkok, 08/02/2017: COMPAREX Thailand has positioned as a global IT provider specializing in license management, sourcing, technical consulting, cloud-based professional and managed services by joining Microsoft Solution Summit 2017 with a theme of Digital Transformation in Action as a Platinum Sponsor.

COMPAREX Thailand participated in the official session at the annual Microsoft technical event that took place on Feb 7, 2017 at QSNCC. With 1,000 attendees from a variety of industries such as Public Sector, Retail, IT, Telecom, Manufacturing and etc., the company highlighted the importance of cyber security and leverage the value of cloud deployment in support of COMPAREX Solutions, SAM2GO Stay Smart, Stay secure, and Stay Optimized.
In addition to the Modern Cyber Security morning session presented by Nopchai Tangtritham, Senior Cloud Security Consultant , COMPAREX Thailand executed an all day booth to meet and support customers who wanted to have more details on the company itself and Microsoft cloud solutions in the name of the slogan, 'By your side in a digital world'.
Sebastien Sisombat, Asia Executive Vice President, COMPAREX: “I am thrilled to introduce COMPAREX Thailand to customers in need of the new opportunity and compelling IT service for their greater growth. With a solid tie between COMPAREX and Microsoft Thailand, I am certain that we will be the right partner for customers as a peerless IT solution expert in this rapidly changing IT envirionment.”
     COMPAREX is a global IT provider specializing in license management, sourcing, technical product consulting and cloud-based professional services. With a track record spanning thirty years, COMPAREX serves the public-sector, SMB and large international corporations. Its portfolio includes software licenses from more than 3,000 vendors as well as consultancy and professional services. The COMPAREX Group employs more than 2,450 people at over 80 locations in 35 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. In fiscal year 2015/16 the COMPAREX Group generated (preliminary) revenue of €1.909 billion / $ 2.109 billion. Visit www.comparex.com and www.comparex.co.th  to find out more.